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For some people, basketball is one of the hardest sports to make picks on. They will tell you that basketball is unpredictable, and they might even tell you that's impossible to have success on the NBA or on college basketball. These people are wrong, as there are many people each year who have tons of success making picks on basketball, just check out the basketball leaderboard at The key is to have the best information and put it to use whenever you want to be one of the people who make good money making picks on hoops. 

The single most important thing when making basketball picks
If you want to make basketball picks that will win, you need to remember many rules. Perhaps the most important of those rules is that basketball is a game of emotion. It's a game where players need fresh legs in order to win. It's also perhaps the most physically exhausting of the major sports that you're going to make picks on. This means that teams can be up one week and down the next. That's the nature of the beast in basketball, and instead of complaining about it when you make your basketball picks, you need to learn to account for it when you make your picks at 

Making free basketball picks to get a feel for things
If you're struggling to get a handle on basketball, then why not make free basketball picks for a while? gives you the ability and the power to make free basketball picks without ever putting your own cash in harm's way. This will give you a chance to grow more familiar with the ebbs and the flows of a game and a season. This way, you'll know what to expect when you finally start throwing real money into the ring during a college basketball night or a pro basketball day. 

Taking advantage of good information at your disposal
As you try to do your best with basketball picks, you might also want to use all of the good, free information that's out there for you. Many people make free basketball tips and give out their reasoning each week. Smart players will take these things into account before ultimately settling on their final card. This is not to say that you should just throw your money behind a game because some random guy gave out free basketball picks on that game. To the contrary, you should just use the information however you can to give yourself a major shot at prolonged success. 

Winning with your basketball picks does not take super-human effort. Instead, it just takes a quiet and steady dedication to getting the best information and trying out the best strategies. As long as you're willing to do this, you'll have an opportunity to be successful. It can help if you also remember that the game will ebb and flow. Keeping in mind that teams can look very different from one moment to another will leave you with more confidence after you make your basketball picks.