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2014 NFL Team Preview: Dallas Cowboys and a Chance to Find Value?There often come times when a team has been beat on so bad by the media and the public that the team goes from being overrated to being underrated. Dallas has long been one of the most overrated teams in football, just because so many people bet with their hearts rather than their heads. This year, though, it seems as if everyone has written off the Cowboys, and this might provide the right opportunity for NFL bettors to pounce with some well-timed NFL picks.

The Cowboys have lost key pieces on defense, including DeMarcus Ware, who is gone to Denver to rush QBs in the AFC. In addition, they lost top linebacker Sean Lee to an injury during the offseason. These things will be difficult to overcome, but Dallas still has some talent in the front seven. The team got killed last year in the secondary, but they seem to have cleaned things up a little bit back there for 2014. This could be an improved unit, which is not saying too much given just how porous the defense was a year ago.

The real place to make strides might be on offense. This is still an offense that can make plays, and Tony Romo remains one of the biggest “potential” guys in the NFL. The big thing to remember with Dallas is that the betting public seems to be so down on the team that you might be able to find yourself into very favorable betting spots, especially when the ‘Boys are at home. A smart bettor will look for good chances to exploit this phenomenon where bettors are completely jumping ship on a Dallas team that has not earned such negative treatment.