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BookiesNFL, just like bookies around the world, also enjoy football seasons. This is due to the fact that there is always a large number of bettors at this time. Let’s take a look at how you can determine the best side to go for and make winning football picks.

Casinos and bookies will always do well because the odds are in their favor and they gain from your loss. This is why most sports gamblers lose their bets. However, not everyone is a looser when it comes to NFL sports betting. You only need to take your right approach before placing your money on a team.


Discipline is key in as far as betting on NFL football is concerned. Most people place their bets on many games as opposed to just one or two. You can benefit from these games as long as you bet on a game that presents some value. This means you need to know how to find such games. Here is how:


Home-field advantage

Home-field advantage is always a huge factor in NFL. Every player loves playing at home with fans cheering. The standard “rule” is to always add at least 3 points to the betting line of the home team. This means that if you feel that your team should be a 4 point favorite before the home team advantage, you should then move from 4-7 points when they are playing at home. The home advantage always works for most people.

However, not every team should be assigned the same value. There are other football squads that come very much prepared to handle the opponents and their home-based fans. There are also other teams that don’t know how to make use of the home ground advantage. You need to identify these squads and their weaknesses before you can pick a winning NFL football bet.