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College Basketball Betting: On OverreactionsAs a person making college basketball picks, you will undoubtedly run into lots of situations where you will be tempted to overreact to one win or loss. Early in the 2013-2014 season, Wisconsin ran out to 16 straight wins. People predicted a national title for the Badgers, and after Wisconsin lost back to back games to Indiana and Michigan, people wondered whether the Badgers had been a fraud. The truth was somewhere in the middle as it usually is. If you overreact to various situations, then you will fail with your college basketball picks. The Badgers were and are a good team that will go far, and no individual result changes that.

Whenever you go to make your college basketball picks, you need to think hard about all of the data that you have on a team. If a team wins a big game, there are other games to consider. The same goes for a loss. Try to take into account all of the various data points that could help you make better decisions on point spreads. People naturally tend to give too much credit to things that have just happened. If you are a smart college hoops handicapper, then you will allow all of the data to inform your decisions.

Perhaps the best way to avoid overreactions is to keep in mind what the betting public is doing. The public tends to get very down on teams when they lose. If you will look at this particular data, then you can see trends and keep yourself from making big mistakes. Teams do not become good with one great win, and teams don’t morph into losers when they have one big loss. It’s important to keep an even keel and not get too up or down on teams.