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If you’re going to be a strong college basketball bettor, then you need to know how to navigate end of game situations. You need to know about important critical numbers and also how different teams deal with the pressure that comes at the end of the game. College basketball is a sport where things often get wacky at the end. What teams can you expect to hold onto those late leads while still covering the spread, saving you money and frustration?

Look for teams with good free throw shooting. More than that, you will want a team with one or two good free throw shooting guards. These players will be counted on to bury free throws late in the game. If they fail to do so, you may end up watching one of your wins slip away as the opponents makes a late run fueled by continual misses.

You also want teams that take care of the basketball. This is generally true throughout the game, but it becomes much more important later in the contest at Victiv. The truth is that teams generally begin playing harder as the game nears its end. Teams that are trailing will often employ a full-court press and extend their pressure even in the half-court. Teams with good ball-handlers can do more than just avoid turnovers. Above that, these teams have the ability to make opponents pay for applying so much pressure. They can score easy baskets in order to cover whatever spread you’re looking to cover.