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College Basketball Handicapping: Protecting Your Bankroll Over the Long RunOne of the unique challenges of betting on college basketball is that you have to manage your bankroll over the course of an entire season. It is very easy to do this in football. The betting opportunities are limited, and you can plan things on a weekly basis. Things are much different in basketball, as teams will play many times per week. If you want to, you can bet each day for the entirety of the season. What do you do when that is the case? You have to have a bankroll approach if you are going to have success with your college basketball picks.

A percentage approach

You might take a percentage approach to making your bets. For instance, it may make a lot of sense for you to bet three or four percent of your total bankroll on every game. The amount that you bet will largely depend on how many games you bet each day. On a college hoops Saturday, there will be more than 100 games to choose from. You have to choose carefully or you will find yourself spread far too thin.

Let the percentages play out

You must understand whether you are a winning or losing bettor. If you do not pick games at a high enough level, you will lose your money regardless of your bankroll approach. If you are a winning player, the goal is to allow the percentages to play out a little bit more effectively. You need to bet small amounts that your bankroll won’t be crushed by a small losing streak. Know that over the long term, you are going to win, so you must prepare your bankroll accordingly. Bet small and appreciate the small victories.