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NFL Handicapping: Three Money-Making TipsSo you want to make March Madness picks and you’re looking for a prototype of a team that can win in March? Just know that lots of different teams have shown the capacity to take home a title. Still, there are a few things to look for if you want an angle on a team that is going to have a chance to get to the Final Four. Here are some characteristics.

 Good Balance

Over the last decade, teams that have won titles have had a good mixture of offense and defense. Good teams are able to do many things right. You will want to look for clubs that know how to get it done on both ends. This does not mean that they must be the best at offense and defense, as this combination rarely happens. Rather, you will want to look for those teams that do one thing extremely well and the other well.

Guard Play Matters

With good guards, teams can win in March Madness. In 2013, LaSalle made a run in the tournament on the strength of excellent guard play, and this is not at all uncommon. If you are making March Madness picks, think about the teams with the best guards. Solid guard play will, more times than not, lead to excellent results in March.

Free Throws Seal Games

Especially in the age of new officiating, free throws will be very important to teams in March. If you are making those March Madness picks, stick with teams that know how to get it done at the line. Referees are whistling more fouls than ever before. A smart bettor will take full advantage of this by picking teams that have an established track record of knocking in a huge number of freebies.