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Football Handicapping: Three College Football Pick Trends to Keep in MindTrends can be fun to look at, but they can also help you make money with your handicapping this year. When you’re assessing your college football situation each weekend, you need to keep in mind these trends. Here are three that matter.

Home Underdog Off of a Loss
When a team has lost the week before, and they are a home underdog the next week, they are more likely than not to cover the number. There are many reasons why these teams make for good picks. For one, the fact that they lost the week before means that the public will be fading them. In addition, teams can sometimes circle the wagon when they’re off of a loss.

Revenge Spots
You will also want to know about revenge spots when you’re making college football picks. A team that lost last year will be looking for revenge, and this can provide the motivation that the team needs to put up a big performance the next year. When you find a club in a revenge spot, don’t let that opportunity slip away when you make those college football picks.

Reverse Line Movement
Line movement trends can provide you with an idea of what the sportsbook thinks about the outcome of the game. If the public is favoring one side and the line is moving the way you would not expect, then you may want to go against the public. This is a trend that has been very successful for people making both college football picks and NFL picks over the course of time.