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Football Handicapping: Three NFL Coaches Who Will Protect Your MoneyThere might be a tendency among football bettors to think just about the players. While players are extremely important, coaching also matters in a big way. Not only does coaching matter for the outcome, but it matters for the margin of victory, as well. Often, coaches have the ability to decide whether a team will pour it on whether a team will take the foot off of the gas at the end of a game. Here are three coaches that you can trust to protect your money at the end of the day.

Bill Belichick 
Coming into this season, Bill Belichick had the best record against the spread of any NFL coach in the last 35 years. It is easy to understand why. For one, he has had a very good team for the last few years. More than that, though, the public seems to underestimate just how willing he is to run up the score. He is a guy who will protect your interests. 

Sean Payton
Under Payton, the Saints have been very hard to beat, and when they win, they tend to win big. Payton loves to throw the ball, and he’s well-known for putting up big numbers and running away from the spread. As an NFL bettor, you can rest easy knowing that if the chance is there, he is going to pile on the points.

Andy Reid
Whether he’s coaching the Eagles or coaching the Chiefs, Reid is a guy who you can trust either as a favorite or an underdog. Reid is especially good in that underdog role, as he always seem to keep it close, even when things are going against him. As you decide on coaches when you make NFL picks, you need guys who can motivate their teams and draw up a strong scheme. Reid is one of those guys.