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NBA Betting SystemThere are many betting systems to choose from as far as NBA is concerned. There are some that work better than others. The most common and probably the best is the Totals. It is also the oldest among all other systems.

College basketball is as popular as international basketball and has drawn crowds of spectators from across the globe. This is why spectators love placing their bets on their favorite college teams. As a bettor, beginner or experienced, you need a system like Totals to increase your chances of winning something during a basketball season.

Those who have just joined the NBA may be new to the Total system and therefore wish to know how it works. Here is how:


  • Bet on the under in a chosen game
  • Check out the under that has the lowest number for the over/under for all the games that will be played in a single night
  • If there are 4 or more games being played in a single night, this could be the best system to use.
  • If loses have occurred, the system can be used for doubling up. However, this can be risky.
  • If there have been two loses, the system can be used prior to making any plays.

It is important to understand that nothing is ever foolproof. The techniques that are used are pretty sound even with this system. In fact, most bettors prefer going against the public view. It is because they know they will always have an added advantage over the majority once they go for Totals. This is a clear indication that you can never go wrong with Totals system. It increases your chances of winning.

However, a bettor has the liberty to vet whether to place a bet or not. The options are not limited to just one night and one game.