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March Madness Handicapping: Three March Madness MythsAs you try to make March Madness picks, you will undoubtedly encounter certain myths. After all, most people have opinions on sports betting, and most people are simply wrong when they spout off with these opinions. With that in mind, here are some of the myths that you need to know about as you make your March Madness picks.

Slow-down teams win in March

While it is true that some slow teams have played well in March, you do not have to play slow to win in the tournament. In fact, there are often many instances where fast-paced teams have had success in March. The tournament shows that almost any style can win as long as a team plays that style well. Think about pace, but do not discount a team because it plays faster.

Good guard play wins in the tournament

Sure, good guards will always help, but there is something to be said for good inside play, too. The biggest problem for bettors is that we tend to remember the big things that happened rather than all of the things that happened. When the game is on the line, the guard typically makes or breaks things. What you don’t think about, though, is how the play of an inside man helped to get the team in the position to win or lose.

Bad road teams make bad tournament teams

Playing on the road in the conference season is much different than playing a neutral-site game in the NCAA Tournament. It is almost always better to have a team that plays well away from home, but history shows that many teams with bad road records have been able to turn things around and get right in the tournament. The neutral court dynamic is much different.