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March Madness Picks: A Guide to Betting FuturesAs you make March Madness picks this year, you may target futures. You might be looking for ways to make good bets on various teams to win it all. This is a fun way to bet because if you win, you could be looking at a nice payday. There are some rules that you need to think about so that you can maximize this type of betting.

First, make sure that you are willing to pick a mix of teams. It is very difficult to pinpoint the one team in the field that will win. You will be better off by picking a few different teams and spreading your money around. This might mean taking a top seed that you like, a middling seed that you like, and the long shot that you think has a chance to make a run.

You should also look at how the bracket impacts a team’s ability to make it to the Final Four. Good teams often get put into difficult brackets. When this happens, it will not matter how good that team is. You want to have the best chance to win, and the best chance comes from betting on a team that will have an easier time getting deep into the tournament. With that in mind, pick those teams that have an easier road.  By doing this, you will have an opportunity to cash in more value with your team not having to struggle so much.

You should also be looking for hedging opportunities. With these types of March Madness picks, part of the value is that you can later make money by betting against yourself. For instance, if you take a team at 100-1, and that team makes it to the Elite Eight, you can begin betting against your team in hopes of securing a profit. Look for these types of opportunities often.