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MLB Handicapping: The Factors That Affect Totals

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If you are going to bet on MLB totals, then you need to know which factors have a huge influence on the success of your bets. Generally speaking, MLB totals are set based upon a few critical factors. The following are the things to analyze when making these MLB picks.

The Pitchers

Nothing is more important to a baseball total than the starting pitchers for each team. Good starting pitchers will command totals in the 6s. Bad ones will command totals in the 9s or 10s, depending upon other factors. When you bet totals, you need to know what you are dealing with and you need to have a good idea of a pitcher’s expected performance.


The ballpark is also a major consideration when betting totals. Some parks, like Coors Field in Colorado, tend to give up more runs. Others, like Miami or San Diego, tend to suppress runs. This means that the park will have a major influence on both the total and whether the game hits that total.


Look out for Wrigley Field when the wind is blowing out, and watch out for cold-weather games in the early part of the year. These things can have a major impact on the outcome of a game. If you are smart, you will always check to see what the wind is doing at any park where you want to make an MLB pick on the total.

The Offenses

One would be remiss if he did not mention the offenses, but the truth is that they have a smaller impact than you think. Offenses matter only to a small extent, as good pitching is generally thought to have an advantage over good hitting when all other things are equal.