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If you are like most people who make NFL picks, then you have been watching the NFL’s preseason with baited breath. Perhaps you have spent time studying depth charts. Maybe you’ve just been looking forward to watching Johnny Manziel

NFL Handicappingplay for those miserable Browns. Whatever the case, you need to know whether there is anything you can pull out of the NFL preseason that might ultimately help you make solid NFL picks once the season actually begins.

Are Guys Healthy?

One of the best pieces of information you can pull out of the preseason is knowledge on just how healthy guys seem to be. Watch a couple of games and decide for yourself if you’re looking at a truly healthy superstar. In some cases, you will be able to gain information that might be useful to you in week number one of the regular season. 

How Do New Players Look?

You need to be careful taking too much out of the preseason. Simply put, there are times when looks can be very deceiving. Still, you might be able to learn a thing or two about the new players on a given team. Is a guy in for a bounce back year? The preseason won’t tell everything, but you can sometimes see if a guy feels more comfortable in his new surroundings. If that guy is poised for a bounce-back year, then perhaps it’s information you can use for your NFL picks in the regular season.

Information on Rule Changes

From a macro level, you might watch the preseason to see how rule changes are going to influence the game. If the refs have been told to call more pass interference and defensive holding, then the preseason might provide you with a nice preview of just how this is going to impact your NFL picks, especially if you are a person who likes to play NFL totals.