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NFL Playoffs Handicapping: What Wins in the Playoffs?There is often much discussion on what wins in the playoffs. Bettors tend to want to find the perfect method for winning. They think that there is one kind of team that can give their NFL picks some sort of mythical power. The truth is that what wins in the playoffs is what wins any other time. There is no special rule for good playoff football.

In order to understand this better, one simply needs to look at the teams that have won recently. Last year, Baltimore won with a combination of good defense and an explosive passing game led by Joe Flacco. Before that, the Giants won with good balance and a strong pass rush. Green Bay has won a Super Bowl without running the ball very well, and Pittsburgh has won it with defense. If history is any indication, then winning a Super Bowl is about doing something very well, but there is no rule on what that thing must be.

Do not fall into the trap of thinking that defense and running the ball wins in the playoffs. Most often, what wins in the playoffs is a team that can protect the ball and inflict its will on its opponents. Rather than looking for a specific style of play, you might look for a team that does its style of play well. Look for teams that are consistently good. Whether that team depends on the run or pass is not important. All that matters is that they can have success doing those things against good competition.