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The Steelers have lost four to start the year, if you’re serious about making NFL picks, you’re probably asking a very obvious question. Is this Pittsburgh team redeemable? Are they going to at least turn the ship around a little bit and fight for an 8-8 season? That’s a fair question to ask, and Pittsburgh hasn’t done much to instill any confidence to this point. They’re going to New York this week to face off against the Jets, so there is some opportunity to get a big win. 

The Steelers have been bad on the offensive line, QB play has been average, and the running game hasn’t been any good at all. In addition, they’ve played poorly on the defensive side of the ball, too. The good news for bettors is that the Steelers coaching staff has been trying to right the ship to some extent. They’ve called some team meetings and even banned ping pong in the clubhouse. What will this mean when the team takes the field against the Jets?

The Jets got a huge win on the road at Atlanta last week, but now they have to turn around and play a Sunday afternoon game on short rest. Even though the Jets have a winning record, they haven’t struck fear into any team’s heart. Before the year, you could have expected Pittsburgh to be favored in this spot, but that won’t be the case this week. If you think that Geno Smith’s performance against the Falcons was the real deal, then you might like his team at home this week. If you think he’ll be unable to replicate that performance, then you could favor Pittsburgh to get its first win this week.