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NBA Betting SystemThere are many betting systems to choose from as far as NBA is concerned. There are some that work better than others. The most common and probably the best is the Totals. It is also the oldest among all other systems.

College basketball is as popular as international basketball and has drawn crowds of spectators from across the globe. This is why spectators love placing their bets on their favorite college teams. As a bettor, beginner or experienced, you need a system like Totals to increase your chances of winning something during a basketball season. Read More…

BookiesNFL, just like bookies around the world, also enjoy football seasons. This is due to the fact that there is always a large number of bettors at this time. Let’s take a look at how you can determine the best side to go for and make winning football picks.

Casinos and bookies will always do well because the odds are in their favor and they gain from your loss. This is why most sports gamblers lose their bets. However, not everyone is a looser when it comes to NFL sports betting. You only need to take your right approach before placing your money on a team.


Discipline is key in as far as betting on NFL football is concerned. Most people place their bets on many games as opposed to just one or two. You can benefit from these games as long as you bet on a game that presents some value. This means you need to know how to find such games. Here is how: Read More…

Don't Bet Every GameSports betting is regarded as gambling and it has evolved from lottery tickets to betting over assortments of different industries. Basketball betting is as tempting as any other form of gambling. It is therefore important to understand the strategies before you place a bet in order to be successful.

Individual Players’ Performance

Before you bet on any match, the best strategy is knowing your players. Consider the strongest player of the team and follow-up his/her progress in performance. In case of an injury, get to know how bad the injury is and if it will affect his performance. If there is a replacement, determine whether the replacement is worth the bet. You’re essentially analyzing how well the teams match up for optimal betting strategies. Read More…

Sports HandicappingSports handicapping is the process that helps someone guess with bettor accuracy. The process involves knowing the history of teams and following the sport in great detail throughout the season and off season. If you intend to bet on sports, you should understand handicapping to better your odds of winning bets. Some people that seriously bet will hire a handicapper or they will subscribe to a handicappers picks.

It is not uncommon for a handicapper to work in more than one sport.  A good handicapper usually eats, sleeps, and breathes their sports year around. That is what makes them good. But still even at that the accuracy is about 65% for a really good handicapper.

NBA Picks are some of the hardest to handicap and choose, because there are so many teams and so many games, the season is very active and long. With about 30 teams and about 80 games per team, there can be around 50 games per week played.   Read More…

A Sure BetA sure bet does not exist. What makes sports an interesting activity is the fact that no matter what team is the favorite and all the probabilities on its side, a single score can have an impact on the outcome of the game.

Basketball picks are popular these days with all the games that have been played around on the NBA playoffs. This is perhaps the reason why thousands of bettors search into basketball picks website just to make their judgments count.

Sports picks are useful to analyze situations and reading a different and experienced perspective of the sport, however, in the case of basketball, they shall not be taken totally. It is important to understand that NBA picks are made by personal judgments and you can make your own picks and opinion from the same. Read More…

Handicapping Golf & Tiger WoodsFocusing on Tiger Woods can be a good move on your part, especially if you love golf. In February of 2015, Mr. Woods will be playing in the Farmers Insurance Open, but unlike past years, Tiger won’t be playing in the Middle East. Besides the Farmers Insurance Open, where else will Tiger be playing at? It seems that this is the million dollar question that numerous of golf lovers are asking themselves, as his schedule has yet to be released to the public, so everything to this point is pure speculation, but there are a few tournaments that he might participate in (read below).

Pebble Beach Pro-Am Tournament

Last year played: 2012 | Odds: 5-1

This particular tournament is one of the most prestigious ones in the world. The last time Tiger played in it, he was surprised by Phil Mickelson motivation to play like there was no tomorrow. Tiger was eleven strokes worse than Lefty. Mr. Mickelson made it clear to the press that “he feels very inspired when he plays with Mr. Woods.” Read More…

Free Sports PicksSports picks can be found in all types of sports. Making a pick is easier these days with internet access. Free sports picks are regarded as the best form of betting as you can make an enormous profit from it. You can win as much as ninety percent in any professional sports pick; especially if you pick a team, you have confidence of winning.

Online sports pick is the easiest thing many people do today. For you to get the best out of it, you have to engage the services of professional sport handicappers. Before you start, you have to learn the secrets of the game you are interested in.
Irrespective of the game you are into, be it a football picks, basketball picks, baseball picks, NBA picks, college basketball picks or any other forms of sports pick, you should try to understand the system involved in the game. You should acquaint yourself with the sports betting. Relying on different factors about the game and major players of the game can help you to know the game better. You should endeavor to learn the system as it would help you to place a winning bet. Read More…

Football Handicapping: Three College Football Pick Trends to Keep in MindTrends can be fun to look at, but they can also help you make money with your handicapping this year. When you’re assessing your college football situation each weekend, you need to keep in mind these trends. Here are three that matter.

Home Underdog Off of a Loss
When a team has lost the week before, and they are a home underdog the next week, they are more likely than not to cover the number. There are many reasons why these teams make for good picks. For one, the fact that they lost the week before means that the public will be fading them. In addition, teams can sometimes circle the wagon when they’re off of a loss. Read More…

Football Handicapping: Three NFL Coaches Who Will Protect Your MoneyThere might be a tendency among football bettors to think just about the players. While players are extremely important, coaching also matters in a big way. Not only does coaching matter for the outcome, but it matters for the margin of victory, as well. Often, coaches have the ability to decide whether a team will pour it on whether a team will take the foot off of the gas at the end of a game. Here are three coaches that you can trust to protect your money at the end of the day.

Bill Belichick 
Coming into this season, Bill Belichick had the best record against the spread of any NFL coach in the last 35 years. It is easy to understand why. For one, he has had a very good team for the last few years. More than that, though, the public seems to underestimate just how willing he is to run up the score. He is a guy who will protect your interests. 
Read More…

NFL Handicapping: The Impact of Thursday Night GamesIt’s football season, which means you can expect to get things fired upon early every week. If the MAC and Conference USA aren’t duking it out on Tuesday or Wednesday, then the NFL boys are going to be playing a Thursday night clash. This is fun and all, but for our purposes, we need to know how it impacts NFL picks. Here is what NFL games mean for NFL bettors.

Low-scoring games

Often, a Thursday night game means that the two teams will be a bit off on offense. It is hard to install an NFL gameplan in a short amount of time, so you might see these games go under the total a lot of the time. You need to check whether the two teams have had a week off before the game, however. This can make the short week a moot point in terms of team prep.  Read More…