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SportsPlays Contests Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is the benefit to playing SportsPlays contests?
Win contests and receive more SportsPlays cash or real cash! Most contests award SportsPlays Bonus Cash for winning. By winning these contests you can build your Bonus Balance and use the Bonus Cash to place picks (winnings go into your Primary balance, getting you closer to cash-out status).

Some contests award real cash (US Dollars). For example, if you choose to enter the $25,000 Streak Contest you could win $25,000 cash by picking 25 winners in a row! We also have other contests that pay out real cash to the winners.

What are the prizes for contests?
Each contest has its own prize pool and rules. Some contests pay a prize to only one winner, while other contests pay prizes up to ten winners.  Prize information for each contest can be found on the contest page by mousing over the icon located in the “information” column that looks like a bag of money.

Bag of money icon


What types of contests do you provide?
We have two general types of contests:

Public contests: Play against anyone that wishes to enter. You can play in contest that are either Fixed Time or Streak contests. Fixed-time contests are those in which you pick games during a specific time period. Streak contests are not bound by any specific time-frame but rather challenge you to pick a certain number of games correctly in a row. Enter a public contest here.

Private contests: Play against your friends in private challenge contests. Initiate a contest against your friends here.

How can I enter contests and place picks?
To enter a public contest, or make picks on a Private Friends Challenge contest, first go to the contest page here.

Select the contest you would like to enter by clicking the “enter” link that is located to the far right of each contest. There are three ways in which you can enter into a contest (you choose one): 

  1. Full Access members are given free entry to all contests. See our Full Access page for an explanation of all benefits here.
  2. Limited Access members can elect to enter using bonus cash. The amount varies per contest (the contests with larger prizes generally cost more).
  3. Limited Access members can alternatively send in an SportsPlays Contest Entry card which allows for entry into contests. For more details on the SportsPlays Contest Entry card see our rules page here.

Once you have selected your entry method you will be taken back to the contest page where you will select the place pick link that is now next to the contest you have just entered so that you can place pick(s) within that contest.

You may enter as many contests as you wish.

Does SportsPlays offer any free contests?
All contests are free. There are a few contests that do not require the use of Bonus Cash or a SportsPlays Contest Entry Card for Limited Access members and these are identified by the word "FREEROLL" in the name of the contest.

For example: Soccer Daily FREEROLL or All Sports Daily FREEROLL

I've sent in an SportsPlays Contest Entry Card. How will I know if you received my card?
Once SportsPlays receives a contest entry card, we will send an email confirming the card has been received and the dates that you are eligible to participate in SportsPlays contests.

What are the rules for contests?
Each contest has its own set of rules.  The rules for each contest can be found on the contest page by mousing over the icon located in the “information” column that looks like a piece of paper.  This will generate a pop up box containing the rules for the contest.

Piece of paper icon

Can I pick parlay and teasers in contests?
No. At this time contests picks can only be straight picks.

Are there limits on contest winnings?
You can win a maximum of $15 per week (Monday through Sunday) and $50 per calendar month from contests. Any winnings that exceed these limits will be forfeited. Full Access members receive higher weekly and monthly limits.

How can I see where I rank in the contest leaderboard?
Contest leaderboards can be accessed on the contest page by mousing over the icon located in the “information” column that looks like a medal.  This will provide a list of all users entered in the contest and their place on the leaderboard. Scroll through the pages to find your place on the leaderboard.

Medal icon

When are contests graded?
Most contests are graded at approximately midnight Eastern time on the "End" date which is listed on the contest page next to each contest. On-going contests such as Streak contests will be graded once a user is declared a winner based on the contest rules.  At times, contest grading may be delayed due to picks made on interrupted or delayed Tennis matches.

I've entered a Streak Contest. If someone wins that before I do, what happens to my contest entry?
If someone wins a Streak Contest in which you are entered before you do, that Streak Contest will end and a new one will be offered. You can re-enter the new contest with a new entry fee and start over again.

Do Full Access members get access to any special contests?
Yes, in addition to free access to all other contests, SportsPlays also offers Full Access members-only contests and higher weekly and monthly limits on winnings.

Where can I see all the contests which I have entered?
On the contest page, select the “My Contests” tab

My Contests tab

From here you can view all contests in which you have entered.   On this page you can also check the start and end dates of each contest, your results, the prizes, rules, and leaderboard information.  You can also view the picks you placed in each contest by selecting the magnifying glass icon located in the “information” column.

Magnifying glass icon