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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is

Make picks on Sports. Play for free. Win Real Cash.

Imagine approaching your friend or neighbor and making the following proposition:

"I challenge you. I will pick the winners on this weekend's football games. If I win, you pay me real cash. If I lose, then I won't pay you anything. We'll keep doing this all season long with you paying me when I win, but me never paying you a dime."

How would that go over? At best you'd be laughed at and sent walking. At worst, well... let's not go there. Either way, it's hard to believe a scenario like this. But what if your friend said yes? What if this kind of opportunity actually existed?

Guess what? It does exist and it's here at!


At you can pick games legally without having to risk a dime. You can't lose money! You can experience the thrill of Vegas from the comfort of your living room! When you win, you can get real cash. If you lose, you get more money to play with.

Test your mettle against your buddies and the rest of the world. Think you can pick winners? Show the world - you have nothing to lose and a free cash to gain!

At, you don't have to spend money to make money. You can play for free with no entry fees. You can also upgrade to become a Full Access Member and enjoy a ton of benefits including free automatic entry into monthly contests, helpful stats, research tools, pro advice and more.


How does it work?

When you sign-up for a free account, we give you $1 play money to play with (our advertisers pony this up - aren't they nice?). You can use this money to pick U.S. sporting events including the NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, MLB, NHL, soccer, tennis, boxing and MMA, NASCAR and even the WNBA (yeah, we knew that last one would hook you). You can make plays on sides (against the spread), moneylines (straight-up) and totals (over/unders). You can place straight picks, parlays and even teasers. We offer pretty much the same options you'd find at a Vegas casino. And just like playing in Vegas or playing online poker games, is 100% legal!

When you win, you can cash out for real money (as soon as your balance reaches $200 play money and funds are available, or $100 if you want to deposit it in a sportsbook account). If you run out of money, no problem. We will just give you more money to play with. You risk nothing, but have the chance to win real cash.


We track all of your picks for you! No more guessing about your performance. You can see how you've done over various time spans, by sport, and by pick type (sides, totals, moneylines, etc.)

We also offer free monthly contests with even more chances at cash and prizes - all with no entry fees.

And, if you refer your friends, you can earn money from through our Refer-a-Friend program (info below).


How can afford to do this?

Good question! We make money from advertisers who pay us to get in front of you. So, you'll see ads on the site, and that's how we pay the bills, and pay you. If you want to get rid of the ads, you can become a Full Access Member (more info below).


Is this really legal?

Yes! From a legal perspective, gambling requires three things: chance, prizes and consideration. The absence of any of the three means there is no gambling involved. Consideration is the risking of something of value. Well, here at, you are risking nothing. Since there is no consideration and no purchase necessary to play, this is 100% legal. Read our terms for more information.


Can I really win cash without risking anything?

Yes! We know it sounds too good to be true, but it is 100% true. In order for this to be legal, we can't let you risk any of your own money. So, we put up your initial stake (actually our advertisers do). If you are good enough at picking winners, you can cash out for real money. Again, we can afford to do this because our advertisers pay us to get in front of you.


What can I play?

You'll be able to make picks on the following sports:

NFL Football
College Football
NBA Basketball
NCAA Basketball
MLB Baseball
NHL Hockey
WNBA Basketball

Fighting (Boxing/MMA)


Poker (see below) 


You can place side (against-the-spread) plays, totals (over/under) plays, moneyline (straight-up) plays, and runlines and pucklines in baseball and hockey, respectively. You can place straight picks, parlays and teasers with up to 10 teams.


What if I lose all my play money?

No problem. We'll just give you more money to start over. We give it to you because, remember, we cannot take deposits from you. You can't give your money to us, even if you tried! So, if you happen to deplete your play money account, we'll give you more to play with.


Can I have more than one account?

No. Only one account per person and one account per household is allowed.


How do I cash-out for real money?

When you've reached a balance of $200 play money, you may request a cash-out. The amount of real cash you receive depends on your membership level. 


How can I earn more cash?

You can earn cash by winning picks, playing contests, referring friends, completing contests, contributing to the community and more! For details on ways to earn cash, go here.

What's the Refer-a-Friend program? How do I earn from my referrals?

As a community here at SportsPlays, the more members we have, the more successful we all are (more members = more advertising revenue = more payouts to members!). We grow only by word of mouth. If you like the site, tell your friends to join as well. If you do, you'll earn SportsPlays Cash every day based on how much your friends use the site. You earn this forever - every day they use the site.


The more your friends use the site, the more you earn. Every day we look at how much your friends used the site and we award you Bonus Cash based on their use. There is no limit to what you can earn. The more friends, and the more active they are, the more you earn - every single day!


The referral bonus is deposited daily in your Bonus balance. You can then use that to pick with.

Good news: It doesn't matter if your friends win or lose with their picks! If they use the site, they generate advertising revenue (which we share with you). The more they use it, the more they generate and the more you make!

Also, by having your friends on board, you can see what they picked, track their results and compare to yours, and comment on their picks when you school them. You'll each get your own page where you can share info about yourself, track results and trade messages.


What is the SportsPlays Cash Accelerator?

The Cash Accelerator is a way for you to earn more SportsPlays cash by completing offers from merchants. Some of the offers are completely free (like filling out a survey or watching a video) while others allow you to earn SportsPlays cash when you purchase products or services for things you are already interested in. Either way, with the SportsPlays Cash Accelerator, you can drive your balance up quickly by completing offers every day. To learn more, visit the Sports Plays Cash Accelerator page.


What is Full Access Membership?

Full Access membership is for people who want the most out of their SportsPlays experience. Full Access members get access to a whole bunch of functionality and features that Limited Access members do not. Full Access members get twice the cashout exchange rate as Limited Access members (and are moved to the front of the line for payouts) and also get free automatic entry into all of our monthly contests. As a Full Access member, you also get higher pick limits and you also get to remove the annoying ads on the site. Best of all, Full Access costs just pennies - less than 33¢ per day! For more info on Full Access membership, click here.


You guys offer contests too?

Yup. On top of the regular cash winnings you make with your picks, you also get access to free contests with the chance to win even more, with no purchase necessary! We offer daily contests as well as a $25,000 Streak contest. Full Access members get automatic and instant entry into any contest they choose, at no cost. Limited Access members can also enter by mailing in an entry card each month or by buying in using earned Bonus Cash (earn Bonus Cash easily). More details on the contest and entry rules are available here or see our Contest FAQ. 




What is Bonus Cash and How Can I Use It?

Bonus Cash is cash earned from winning contests, using the SportsPlays Cash Accelerator to complete offers, or referring friends through the Refer-a-Friend program. These cash earnings accumulate in your Bonus Cash balance. You can use Bonus Cash to place picks or enter contests.


Got a question that wasn't answered here? Contact us here.