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The three rules that govern when making football picks at

So you want to get better at making those football picks that have been tripping you up on college football Saturdays and on NFL Sundays? Fine, that's a worthy thing, but you first have to know the three rules that govern football picking at every level. If you can learn these things, then your football picks will ultimately have more success over the course of the year. None of these things guarantees a profit, but it will help you win more often when you make football picks. 

1. Turnover matters
Watch any football game during the course of the week and look for the plays that will turn a game from a win to a loss for you. More times than not, these things will be turnovers. A dropped punt, big interception, or some other big play can be the difference in winning or losing for your team and your pick. As you make football picks, be sure to take note of how a team takes care of the ball. Look at the weather and other factors that might influence the turnover battle. These things will determine the game's outcome. 

2. Information is king
As you're making college football picks or NFL picks like they do at, you should know that information is the most important thing you can ever possess. Lucky for you, you are at the the right place. has plenty of talking heads that are willing to give you free football picks. Listen to how he came to those free football picks and figure out whether you agree with his reasoning. Even if you aren't going to take his/her advice, you can use his free football tips to pick up some small bit of information about an injury or some other factor that could change the game. 

3. There will be a learning curve
Even people who win all the time are going to lose a little bit. The best pickers in the world lose more than four out of every ten. With this in mind, know that you need to give yourself a small learning curve with your football picks. Maybe it can make sense to make free football picks for a while before you are comfortable putting your own money at risk. Ultimately the decision is yours, and the money is yours, but many people have found that things are much easier when they're making free football picks while they're learning how to navigate the difficulties of the college football world. 

Making football picks will likely never be easy, although you have nothing to lose at and everything to win. You will always have to work hard if you are going to bring home any money over the course of a year by making picks on these games. Still, if you're willing to take advantage of information, use free football picks to your advantage, and keep turnovers in mind, then you'll be better off at the end of the year than many of your fellow pickers. Keep these things in mind as you move forward.