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Hey sports fans, if you want free winning picks you should check out smiley


now thats funny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! smiley


for real????????????//

if its real how bout MLB that site give only free football picks..i want mlb????


Hello, I'm new here. Do you have any predictions on site to indicate? I thank you.


Went to Vegas a few months ago looking for NFL over/under and am guaranteed not to lose - they did not take the over/under bets yet


didnt know that you can advertise on this forum


Everybody has a system, just ask them.


Will be doing much better when college starts.......


This guy is actually one and oh oh his picks so far! He is undefeated. I took a quick look at the site, about as amateurish as you might expect for someone popping a spam ad on here. They do offer a free pick each week if you give them an email to send it to.

But my favorite part is where they say if you buy the full season (for either 399 or 175, it's hard to say based on their site display) you will also get a pick for each playoff game and these specific bowl games! They must be good if they know which bowl games they will have a strong opinion on four months or so in advance!


I need some money for bet. I like free bet.. ^^


my pick still pending..release from that