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Now foreign corps own the rights to charge for using some toll roads. Like Spain, that can't keeps it's own roads safe without EU contributions. What dummy makes these decisions?


As a member of the EU, it is unfair for Poland to refuse Muslim immigration.
Brussels must require, of all members, equal exposure to Islamic terrorism.
Poland owes it's citizens a "security experience" similar to other EU members.
Not enough kill'n going on there.


Months of investigation by special prosecutors seek, yet to be found, evidence that Trump rigged his election victory with Russian assistance.
BUT, within hours, the FBI knew that a 65-year-old Las Vegas assassin had no terrorist connections even though ISIS claimed that their soldiers was responsible for the incident.


Vegas security guard blew off Hannity yet appeared on the Ellen DeGenerate Show?


This site is messed up. They make sure that they correct the bets that were graded as a wins but was a lost. Yet just because they put up the wrong line last night with the Rockets they just voided 4 of my bets. If they messed up they should still pat out but it`s just because many people including myself would have cleaned up. I lost out 4 bets along with a teaser etc. Here`s an example:Pick voided
Hi. We voided the following pick:

ATS 2nd ½: Houston Rockets +9 (+550)

Pick cancelled due to invalid line/odds.
I just think that they should still pay out since it was their fault and why did they wait until now instead of earlier this morning when the mis graded some of my bets????