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What are you doing i just send 5 to 6 email s you didnt reply yet


lol. how long has it been since you sent the emails? Also did you take your ADD meds?


u dont have to be here............


seriously. Who sends 6 emails when they haven't gotten a response to the first one yet. Did you even give it 24hrs for them to respond?



You sent all 6 overnight while we were all asleep.


In the future, one will suffice. And as we state when you contact us, you need to allow up to 24 hours for a response.

In this case, your issue was resolved earlier this morning.


Always has to be one in the crowd. . . . .


LMAO! he sent all of them overnight. WTF man lol.


Apparently you are not allowed to sleep if you work for Sportsplays. But I am guessing since Koyal hasn't responded here maybe he is sleeping now??? smiley


SP should have an overnight employee. At least until midnight. CMON, like 9-6 for a 24 hour planet of sports? The site does need a little more commitment in this dept.


I been on this site for 3 months I enjoy site smiley

Full Access Full Access

Most of the problems on this site are the direct result of players not knowing the rules. SportsPlays takes care of matters as soon as they can. I am sure they get tons of requests in a 24 hour period. I am also sure that they have only limited staff to handle these issues. Cut them a break, they are doing the best they can. If you don't enjoy the site go find one that costs you less.


This site is great smiley smiley smiley


Is this a problem caused by the site, or a "direct result of me not knowing the rules?"

I just won a "25" dollar contest. First they tell me they'll be taking $5 out for some processing fee, and I assumed it was the PayPal fee.

But the Paypal fee is another $1.

So I just got $19 for winning a $25 contest.

Would it be TOO honest to just call it a $19 contest?



hope it works out for u ok good luck smiley



We provide a free site with the chance to win real money. We don't charge you a dime. We provide customer service 7 days per week, 9 hours per day, for free. We pay for the site development, hosting, customer service, management, marketing, data feeds, etc. You don't pay for any of that.

If all of that, with 63 hours of customer service per week is not enough of a committment for you, then I guess we will just have to agree to disagree.



Sorry for any confusion. The contest rules do say that "processing fees apply". Also, we can't control Paypal's fees. If you want lower fees than Paypal charges, you can try Dwolla. Better yet, if you don't want to pay fees next time from Paypal or Dwolla, try Square Cash (no fees). 


Keep up the great work you do SportsPlays and to the other employes People just dont get it. Its a free site which you can earn free Cash smiley Good Luck to all


please leave the site..idiots not wanted..sports plays the best...scottycat


I agree that no-one has to be here, but as far as sportsplays being the best, that's pushing it a bit!


Keep up the good work SP CREW never had a problem over here


People are just angry and they dont tell any serious thing? Interessting...


Lol, i didnt have any problem here since i am a patient mate (topic starter)


Great job SP doing great, forget about these whiners , i know sometimes the responses take a little longer but u do respond, all these other clowns saying oooooh join this new site, i wont leave for one site is enough. hey whiners its FREE. dont like it leave no one asking you to stay.


SP, how dare you go to sleep. All this time I thought you stayed up 24/7, holidays, etc.

Boy, my bubble has been burst.

Next thing someone is go to tell me that there is NO Santa Claus.

Spank me for being so ignorant.


What there is NO Santa Claus? Dang and I thought I had been a bad boy all this time.


Wow this was a interesting thread to read through, the level of intelligence varies wildly from post to post I love it.


Lol this post is funny, new member says the site sucks because his brain sucks LOL


IUncle Rico says, "You know what? You can leave."


great site........................................


HEY KOYAL.....when are you going to come back on here and apologize for your juvenile attack on this website? I think the odds of that happening are about 100-1. Any takers??