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First of all, I don't know how( I really don't remember I clicked on link anywhere), but it opened with my account number XX+6 random numbers.
I saw my email adress, and everything was like I already used it before,there was even 5$ on my account so I clicked at the cashier and started deposit process,but just before the end,I noticed that my date of birth is 5 years difference,so I left a deposit amount blank(God,I'm not sure if I put CV number in at he end).
I started a live chat with a person on the other side, and explained her that I want to make right that thing with my birthdate in case I deposit and win so there will be no problem because of that date of birth.
-No problem.Can you give me your account number?It's XX111111, right?
-your registered email adress, home adress and phone adress just to be sure it's me?
OK, I gave her everything, wasn't suspicious yet till the moment she asked me to tell me tha password I would like to use on my account from now on???
And then it rang in my head immediatelly.
I looked in adress bar there was no https in front and the name of the site wasn't "" but "".
Then again I tried to go to cashier just to check if at least there is HTTPS at the beginning of adress bar?
Yes,it sent me to
" "
but after going through
I am not an IT expert so I can't say if that redirection means that it only sent me to a fake server or what,so I decided to check a "real" BETDSI sportsbook.

I google it and open it and guess what?Yes, the sign was pretty much the same, but the site wasn't.
The adress of site wasn't:
but only:
I tried to log in to that "another" BETDSI site with account number from the first one, and a password I gave her to make it for me,and was rejected of course.
Yes,it's true,I gave her some numbers like an idiot makes a password, but was already suspicious at the time, and while I was snooping around, I missed her message that she would need another password because that one wasn't good enough probably,and as I didn't answer,she left a chat.
What I tried next?
I tried to ask for a new password on that new site"" for account number from the old one and email adress from the old one.I tried both:I forgot my account number, and I forgot my password,and got 2 emails from betdsi what I have to do now.
I hope at least some of you has more experience then I have, and at least give me some advice what to do or just to brutally tells me:"Dude, is it possible you were that stupid?"
Usually I always pay attention on those https sites and a differences in a letters of sites specially when it's about the money,but this time...nah.
Jesus,I am really not sure if I wrote down my CV number in deposit form before I noticed that it's not my birthdate.
Only good thing for me is that I use prepaid rechargeable VISA where I put Exact amount of money I want to spend,and I immediatelly pull it all out.
So,for the last time,can anybody confirm that and are same sites owned by the same company but maybe for different markets, or I really just got scammed here?

This is a screenshot of a livechat I managed to cašture before she left because I had some kind of a bad feeling about it.


I hope I am not breaking any rules if put screenshot of chat with her if I put it inside of code.I only blacked out my phone number and real adress.
I believe it could be interestin to many people here, and It won't make any harm but can only make things much more clearer if everything is really al right.

Once again, I am really sorry about that long post but try to understand how I feel right now and in that situation,I really didn't know a way to tell it in few words.
Thanks on reading everybody,





I would contact sp directly rather than post here and hope they see it. When they give you an answer, be sure to post it here. I am sure people would like to know.


Uhm, after quittting waiting more then few times, live chat agent responded, and I asked her if they ahve only that name or maybe they have another one starts with
Without thinking a moment she answered:"No,sir,this is our only domain"
OK,no more time to loose there, I said."Thank you on your assist,bye", when suddenly she said:"Wait,wait!"
"I just checked, yes that other domain is ours too"

So now it's officially confirmed. and are both valid sites.