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red sox nation will get back on track today with a win over toronto. bet da farm


SAT: Cubs,Mets,Nats,Det & Sea all ML. Like Bos/TorOVER 8.5 & Pit/Tex Over 9 & Cin/Mil OVER 9.5. Of course I'm not betting ALL of them in one parlay, I'm just saying these R the picks that I like. For those of U who like them... take 'em all or take a few... your choice! There's my 2 cents - PEACE & GL!!! See ya Mon. on the NHL forum Craigster!


red sox nation will get back on track today with a win over toronto. bet da farm


Gotta find a way to win over 50% of my baseball bets.


Play On - Any team vs the money line (GOLDEN STATE) excellent offensive team (>=102 PPG) against a horrible defensive team (>=102 PPG) after 42+ games, after allowing 105 points or more 2 straight games
96-44 over the last 5 seasons. ( 68.6% | 41.8 units )
56-29 this year. ( 65.9% | 18.0 units )


Got that Over on the Red Sox Game.....nice call Big Lou!

I like all your picks!

Good luck to ya!

What a crazy Saturday....not camping.....what????

Where's my campsite???

Oh, it looks like Home.....Watching Baseball!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!


Sun: Nats, Giants,NYY & Sea all ML... back 2 the well w/ BoSox/Jays OVER 9 & LAD/NYM OVER 6. 2 cents is in...PEACE & GL!!!



Mr. Big Lou....I hit two four team parlays today!!!

Major win!

I'm on a roll....

I picked eight Over's and got them all!!!!

So cool!!!

I like your picks!

Good luck to you Sir!

Looks like the M's are getting Swept by the Twins.....


Good morning!

Ok, all set with my Big Lou bet.....

Four Team Parlay.....




And, M's...Win!

I also paired Boston's Over and Dodgers Over, with two other teams.....

But, Picking Four winners, what? Is, that even possible????

We'll soon find out....

That M's game last night was awesome! 11 runs!!!

And, the bottom of the 9th miracle was crushed with a bad base stealing thing...what was Kyle thinking???? Two outs and game Over!!!

Now, that was a crazy way to end a game??? Very Rare stuff...

So? Who's still camping?

Back to the grind's been a excellent weekend!

I hope all your picks are winners!

Good Luck!


JAM61 / Does ANYBODY have a Russian girlfriend yet😁??



smiley Very good luck today all! Thats my 2 cents worth....


M's currently CURSED... swept by Minny-WTF? Still, went back 2 them 2day 2 take the Padres...but Cubs were best bet of the day. Min/Oak looked 2 be good 4 the OVER, but didn't bet it. Indians w/ Cubs just in case M's blow it! Im hopeful! At least I Won my 3 tm parlay last nite! PEACE & GL!!!


Mon. nite proved 2 be a GOOD one...Cubs W as usual & M's broke the curse vs. SD! Added Sharks(NHL) +1.5 for a 3 tm parlay W. Also used bonus $$$ 2 straight bet on Cubs as well & it worked like a charm! TUES: Best bet again is Cubs (Arrieta) & U can't deny that! Like Cards ML in Milwaukee & the Mets ML @ home although this will be a tough match-up vs Dodgers...Cards/Brewers OVER 9 may also be worth a look...PEACE & GL!!!


Oh Big Lou!!!

I took the Over 7.5 runs today on the M's game!!!

Nailed it!

I wish I bet more!!!!

Crazy Score!!!

Taking the Over on that Cubs game......

Good Luck All!!!

My Two Cents today is listen to Big Lou!!!

Good night!


I going with the M's game Over.....

Night game.....

Happy Hump!


Only 1 gm I like Thurs. and that's the BoSox 2 W. Don't mind the M's, but they always find a way 2 screw me... that goes equal 4 the Tribe! PEACE & GL!!!


Funny stuff Big Lou!

I need 9 runs in that Boston Game and have 3 innings....Ouch!

Going with the M's Over.....

And, going with that crazy 12.5 game Over....What???

And, that's my Two Cents for the Day!!

Today was nuts!

I'm alive!


I'm thinking the OVER of the Twins and Rays could cover


Yes, they did, barely, but good enough for a win!

And, that Boston Game!!! Woo Hoo! Blew Up!!!!

And, the Reds Game!!! Blew Up!!!

If, M's come back and win, I hit 3 winners today!!! Say What?????

Cheering for those M's!!!!


And, they make team history!!!!!!!!

I won all my picks yesterday!

And, the morning game!

Took the Cubs!


Got a two team parlay!

Woo Hoo!

Giants Over 8 and Rockies Over 8!

Messed up on that M's game Over....Opps!


Good thing that its only play money.


This is true Sports Fan!

All these wins.....mean nothing.....

It's all for fun!

I like it...using this site for a Model....betting Model...or System??

And, making friends!

It's also a very loud site....all these Ad''s crazy!

Oh well......

Have a Awesome Hump Day!


Thurs: TEX,NYY,TOR & WSH on the ML & ST.L/CIN 4 the OVER 9.5 AGAIN...USE it or LOSE it! LOL! PEACE & GL!!!


Awesome Post......Big Lou!

Where is everybody?????

I like your picks.....

I'm going with alll Over's.......all eight games.........left.....

I lost my morning game Over by two runs!!!!

So, going out ona limb......that's my two cents of crazy!

Crazy Lucky!!!!!

Happy Little Friday!


I got the nationals and mariners tonight as locks.


Sorry about that.....Ge0Po.......

Those M's....Uh.....what?????

I had the Over on that game....pushed....oh well....

Taking the M's Over today with three other Over's.....

Good Luck!

And, Happy Friday!


Wow! Pushed on the Rockies game, but hit the other three!!!!

I'll take it!

Good luck today everyone!

I'm going with the M's Over today....that's my two cents!

Have a great day!


Ok, lost my am parlay....2-2......ouch!

Going with the M's winning (ML)...and Over 7.5 runs, plus both Over's on the other two games....

Having a Awesome Day off!!

Woo Hoo!!!!

Have a great evening!


Mon: ONE WORD... GIANTS! Might give a look 2 the CUBS @ +1.5 but vs Scherzer & the Nats is a tough one...PEACE 7 GL!!!