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Hey, when can we expect Tennis ATS lines up again?

I also noticed lines for NHL and NBA update much slower than they did before the Tennis ML came back into the offer after New Year.


The lines for ALL sports on here have been off lately. THAT is the truth. Fake games, late games, games posted that were played already, no lines for games, NASCAR lines were a joke (lucky if they showed up at all), there are a LOT of problems with this site - and for over a year it has gotten worse.

Yet they beg for people to PAY to become Full Access Members? LOL! I think not!


@Zdenok , the Australian Open begins soon and if ats and totals are not provided by may have to wait until Sharapova returns


I ask again. Where are the ATS and Totals for tennis? The Aussie Open begins tomorrow and betting four digit ML is no fun.


Hi, all. As is the case with every sport we offer, if we get lines on it, we will post them. Tennis totals & ATS lines have not been coming in lately. We're looking at the info we are currently getting from our sources, & of course always looking for better sources for this.


So I guess the same thing applies to challenger and ITF matches. Going to be slim pickings later in the week most weeks. Hope to see the qualifying matches for the following weeks tourney's but if not, every weekend will look like it is late in the playoffs of pick your sport.


We're looking into it, Octiger.