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I had a parlay with 4 soccer matches in it. 3 of those games were postponed - for unknown reasons - and the last one that was supposed to be played today now still exists as the only game that is still pending out of the four and has this bet still open.........

This game is the FC Schalke 04 vs Paok FC.

Since I was mislead into thinking this game was to be played today - and your source was the cause of this - can I have my $1.10 refunded to me that I bet on this parlay and the subsequent parlay cancelled, since basically every game listed was false?

I just want my initial bet back and this problem with false soccer games fixed. I don't see why I should have to wait over a month for one game out of four to be actually played, since this would make my parlay more like a straight bet. Again, I'd like my $1.10 refunded and the bet just eliminated please.


Oh, forgot to include that the game now says instead of being played today that:

Game starts on Thursday February 16, 2017 at 03:05PM EST

So that's a bit different than starting today as advertised.


Also, found this under the Rules section:

9) All sporting events must take place on the date and at the site scheduled unless otherwise specified. If an event is postponed, rescheduled, and/or relocated before it starts, that event will be cancelled from action (tennis excepted).



Finally looked on livescore just to see if these games even existed, and they aren't on there at all, which tells me the little POSTPONED note beside each game really means they never existed. Also, under the SOC tab you can't even scroll to the date of Feb 16 to see if the game exists then.

Hopefully this makes this matter extremely clarified so there is no need for further info on this.

Thank you.


Good luck!!!! I'm sure you will get an answer........ by March.......


Well it's been more than 15 hours, I'm sure they should correct their mistake sometime here in the next few minutes. Surely there is someone there by now, it's almost noon on a weekday.


Yeah they had a bad day yeserdat


I see where BigDog has replied to a post in the forums already, so HE'S obviously there.

I'm still assuming they will fix this shortly.

It's OBVIOUSLY well within the rules here for the website to void the bet and refund the $1.10, I'm just wondering why it has taken this long already. I reported this over 16 hours ago and I KNOW it's been seen by now.

Again, I just am giving them the benefit of the doubt that they just haven't gotten to it yet, and will very shortly.


I would appreciate a response, and a push/void/refund to be given on this matter please.

I'm quite sure someone has seen this by now, as I see where other posts have been answered.


Since it's NOW been almost 24 hours and no response has been given here, I have also tried the route of contacting support. Maybe this option will work.


Good luck. I've been bugging them about this soccer issue for weeks and I have been getting some not-so-friendly responses. It's a BIG issue and they can't seem to resolve it. The winter break is almost over and all the major soccer leagues will be back in action and I'm afraid we won't be able to wager on most of them.


Yeah a bettor on here just doesn't have time - and SHOULDN'T HAVE TO - check other sites to verify whether a game is real or not before they bet on it. I have never had a parlay bet in soccer - until now lol - where NONE of the games existed.

It was a four team parlay, with all four games being literally fake lol. What are the chances. But with either way it is tying up $1.10 of my betting allowance, and IF I happen to lose everything BUT that $1.10 my only option then is to forfeit that bet, but then I would lose the $1.10 altogether, over a mistake that was clearly made by SP.

Not to mention, in their own rules section it says what the outcome is for this situation, but for some reason they are just ignoring my post. I mean what else could the excuse be for not fixing this already? I saw a mod respond earlier to someone else's post in here earlier so it's painfully obvious that they saw my thread lol.

Also, I tried to include as much info as I could and be as thorough as possible about the matter in different posts so it was easy to read and simple to find the parlay.

I just want them to credit me back for their mistake and let's get this over with. There's no sense in ignoring anything from anyone on here, but I'm sure I will be told that is not what was happening. It's no secret that these mods can't stand me and I'm good with that, but they could at least fix this error.


Guys, a couple days after XMas, I looked up & verified the dates, times, & odds of several of these Europa Cup matches scheduled for mid-February. You can tell I was in there because the league info is populated. As you all know, that info hasn't been coming in lately, so if it's there, that means one of us manually added. And I did that when I verified these matches. Once all that info was verified, they were placed on the active events list. And the system doesn't show that the time was ever changed after then.


SPMark, you can easily go and try and look up the games in my parlay and see that they aren't even listed on livescore (which was the source I used). Not to mention, 3 were postponed and the one is rescheduled (supposedly) for Feb. 16th.

Even today you can't scroll down further than Feb. 3rd, so how do you explain me supposedly betting on that 1 game out of the 4 that's left, as the date on it is - once again - Feb. 16th?

It's because NONE of those games were real lol. It's plainly obvious. So, per SP rules, rule #9 states the following:

9) All sporting events must take place on the date and at the site scheduled unless otherwise specified. If an event is postponed, rescheduled, and/or relocated before it starts, that event will be cancelled from action (tennis excepted).

SO........... all of those games should have been cancelled from action, and that would be the entire parlay lol, so my $1.10 should be credited back to me.

I can't see how you could POSSIBLY be telling me anything different.

You are saying you verified all of those games, but obviously not those four. And your own system is the one posting the game now as Feb. 16th - so that's further proof because your own system doesn't list games past Feb. 3rd.

So - since ALL FOUR GAMES WERE NOT PLAYED AT THE SPECIFIED TIME THEY WERE ADVERTISED - once again, could you kindly just refund my $1.10 and let's move on? I doubt it will break the bank at SP, and it IS in the rules that is what should happen....


By the way, I do not use filters and there is no logical reason why I would make a parlay with 3 games played on date 'A' and then put in a fourth game for over a month and a half away.

I simply scroll the list of games when you click on the SOC tab, and bet on ones for that day. You can look back at the history of EVERY BET I have EVER MADE on here and see that the only bets I have made that weren't all on the same day may have ONLY included a game from the following day - NOT a day a month and a half away.

That last game WAS showing up on the day I made the bet as being played THAT DAY, and it was wrongly advertised for yesterday, instead of being advertised for Feb. 16th.

Maybe you didn't take it off the list from yesterday, and it was left on by mistake, either way when I picked it - it was listed at a false time being played of yesterday.

Are you telling me you are NOT going to refund me my $1.10 for a mistake made by SP?


SPMark, no offense but you have been wrong before and I guarantee you that you are wrong this time. That game WAS listed yesterday, that's the only reason I picked it.

I am sure there is a way you can go back and look at yesterdays available games to be bet on, and you will see it WAS on there with yesterdays date, because it WAS! Not to mention I'm sure someone else on here also bet on that game thinking it was to be played yesterday. That you can see for sure. Do you really think that many people are just going to pick that game out of thin air for over a month from now to bet on yesterday?

I would have never posted this issue had I actually bet on a game not to be played for over a month from now - which makes no sense. I don't lie, and don't like it being made out that I am doing so about this.

OK, lol, I'm done..... I just know I am telling the truth about the dates and it's being told to me that I'm not. That doesn't sit well with me.


You know what? Forget it! I'll just delete the bet that you SHOULD be refunding. I'm tired of trying to prove what is the obvious.

I am NOT happy that this was handled the way it was, and this site has a LOT of problems that are not getting addressed in a timely manner.

I shouldn't have to defend an obvious issue on here, and I don't like being basically told that I'm a liar.

Just forget about it, and I'll definitely remember how I was told that basically I'm wrong and everyone else is right about this. I'm the one that made the bet, and I KNOW what I did. This was handled EXTREMELY POORLY.

I am right. The end. Thanks for no help.

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Rule #2? And rule #5?

I was admonished for my remarks a few days ago......... and I get that, so it's understandable. BUT............

Where is the warning for this guy? It has to be FAIR here, doesn't it? Or is that only for people that Mods don't like?






So basically if SP posts a fake game, users place wagers on that game, that game is proven to be fake, users lose their money wagered. Is that how I am understanding this issue. Almost getting to the point that users have to independently verify every match before wagering, due to the fact that SP continues to get lines from inaccurate and unreliable sources rather than fix the issue