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Why all those unnecessary bureaucracies and complications for those who are not Full Access Members (and are not eligible to Full Access Membership), in order to received $200 for every $200 at cash-out? According to present Rules, they would need to send you a card by post, each month, for a number months etc etc. Why, in this day and age of the internet, not modify such Rules, so that those without Full Access can send the same message, directly from their account, on the same date required by the Rules and each and every month, without using the less reliable snail-mail?


Such procedures can surely be simplified for the benefit of all...........................


Let me think....... ummmmmmm.... maybe..... they don't want it to be easy?????


so if you are not a full member and you want to cash out, they have to send you stuff in the mail for several months first?

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That is so funny euclid17.............




The even exchange rate cards are sent to us by you, jcee. We don't send you anything. And to be eligible for the full exchange rate, you would need to send in that card every month starting at least one month prior to you reaching $100 for the first time. The Cash-out rules, including the rules for the cards are listed on the rules page, starting with #28.
And USPS is working just fine for the many SPers who already send us their exchange rate, contest entry, & higher limits cards every month

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Heaven forbid you have to do something to earn your 12.99 member due....... smiley



Even for SP it would be more advantageous to simplify rules. Even those ineligible for Full Access would pay. Rules can be changed and it would be a win-win step forward for all.

However, I am not so sure that in order to get 100% of your $200 by sending a card a month, you have to pay anything.....

Frankly, what is the real scope and value for SP of sending those monthly cards? What difference does it make?


What is the real scope and value, if any, for SP, of non-Full Access Members sending those monthly cards? What difference do such cards make?

I don't think that SP don't want it to be easy for us. Non-Full Access Members will pay to be treated as non-full access members.

Moreover, countries which don't approve, how are they going to approve Full Access simply because Members send cards to SP?

Furthermore, subscription to Full Access is not expensive.


Those who send cards, don't pay anything to get 100% of $200 at payout.

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Those of us with Full Access can also have problems with the cash out rules. See my post under Site Questions and Suggestions titled, "Not cashing out at $200" I still don't understand why I am ineligible to cash out my balance.


@Jodiego I got you homie. I broke it down in your other thread.


Maybe I am missing something, but I am not a paid member.. . . . I have cashed out twice (about to cash out for the third time). I have never mailed anything to SportsPlays. I uploaded some documents for my 1st cash out (to verify my identity). . . but other than that it has been a pretty seamless process for me. I don't find they make it hard to cash out at all.