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is anyone really gonna pay $100 to watch this train wreck?


No you will have to see highlights on ESPN! Next question who wins this train wreck?
McGregor has a punchers chance but I don't see Mayweather losing this fight it goes the distance Mayweather by Unanimous decision!


it will probably be a disqualification by mcgregor and then they will fight in UFC


Conor McGregor vs. Floyd Mayweather Jr UNDER 9.5 (-170)


You will never see Floyd fighting in UFC. He's spent his entire career avoiding contact.


McGregor is going to pull the upset. Floyd is old, smaller, weaker, and I expect Conor finds a way to land his left hand. Mixed Martial Arts deserves more attention then boxing, and this fight, along with McGregor's post-win speech, is going to make that happen. Get all your cash on here, and parlay it all through McGregor.


wow previous post surprised me, the powers to be in boxing are praying McGregor doesn't get knocked out early. I think he has no chance of winning.


gonna look at weigh in and then decide

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I'm not going to pay that.

Floyd should destroy Conor. floyd has been boxing his whole life at the top level in the world. Should be interesting to see the lighter gloves though. If they're still doing that.

I'm gonna watch the fight at least once on youtube. that's fo sho.

I wish they did these type of fights more to shut the people up who say ufc is SO much better @ boxing. No....they're not.


Rigged Mafia style deal here . careful.


This fight is pure spectacle wins Floyd because it is American


Well, lets see. I guess it's gotta be McGregor and the cash. Gees, this is a tough one to call.


to win mywather tonight ??????..........


Mayweather, i think fight ends in a stoppage cuz McGregor will do some illegal


McGregor will tire in the late rounds. Tko. Mayweather


Well one must admit it was a better fight than his previous one...


Was just a boring flight if you ask me.


I think McGregor was cheated a little by the TKO, he did a lot of complaining about it.
If he doesn't try to knock out Mayweather in the first round like he seemed to last time, then he will have a good chance of winning. And he won the first four rounds last time, I think he will win the first eight rounds this time.


I would love to see them fight again...........................


when will conor fight in the ufc again? and who will he fight?


McGregor is probably going to fight De La Hoya before he fights Mayweather. That will be interesting.


boxing hasnt been interesting for a long time and never will be again


who will win the cyborg vs holly holm fight? that cyborg is tough