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I got cheated my game was before the guy who won and I was sitting on a Win 4


was it a tennis game with the wrong time or what?


Oh man that is BRUTAL, only a matter of time before something like this happened.


I don't understand. Where do they get their feeds?


thats a tough way to catch an L.......


Did they at least call it a tie?.., no that would require them to have a conscience.


They will actually call it a tie and reward both people the full $20 if you pick the exact same event. My strategy with these contests always pays attention to those with the same wins as you so on the last day you can pick something early in the day to get you 45% at winning or at least following your ccompetitor's competition picks closely.


We'll starting a new steal of 5 with a push on the mend total of 43.
Not bad though.


Lmfao bilbo @slade wilson when has that ever occurred? From first hand experience with how things work around here, I would imagine even if you took the same event, the person who put their selection in first, therfore gets graded first, would be declared the winner.


It's happened at least twice to me, both on 5 in a row favorite streaks we're we both wanted to utilize the most likely contest, something like -199. The system doesn't care when you make the pick, just when the pick is graded. Winner goes to the one who gets the last win graded first. If it's the exact same contest, the system gave both the win. It's all automatic so that's just how it's worked. I guess you could say they might change it if this happens more often but for now that doesn't seem to be an issue.