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Mark replied:

We will respond to all reasonable emails. Many of yours, though, have been overly abusive. And nobody deserves to be treated like that, so we generally will not dignify those with a response.

Have a nice day.


lol what did you say? overly abusive :D


This is what I said that was overly "abusive" and offensive towards SPNarc:

I'd like to report abuse from not a user..but a MODERATOR...I was told that if I start using cash accelerators I would get my 25 cent chat fee removed but not only did my chat fee not get removed it got doubled to 50 cents...does someone want to explain the logic behind this because I'm struggling to find any and when I email asking for an explanation I get no response


Full Access Full Access

Well for starters Canadians76 Calling someone a narc isnt a bright idea either I dealt with Marc last week about full access and he seems to be a nice guy


Just because he was polite and reasonable with you doesnt mean he was for everyone. I am speaking on my experience, not yours. He wouldnt even give me the number to contact his boss because he knows he was in the wrong. But I am glad he was cool with you


SP charges me 50 cents to use chat and then removed all cash accelerators so I cant even generate the money, if thats not the snakiest, little weaseliest azzz chit youve ever seen. Its pretty obvious what these lonely old turds that run this site are doing

I swear lonely old men are the worst old men