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Here's something you won't see often. I won 1st place $2 bonus today with a grand total of .05 points on the Tennis Daily ($5 SportsPlays Cash) Leaders.
I noticed that all tennis contests were at 5:00 am Eastern Time last night so I made two picks on the most favorable events just trying to break the top 10 and fulfilling the two pick rule, knowing that most people wouldn't be awake in time to pick Tennis events today. That was correct, as only 7 people noticed in time to make picks for the 5:00 am events. Hilariously and unlikely, the other 6 people all ended up with negative scores so I'll go home with $2.

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That is hilarious. You just have to remember to pick your tennis (if you play) the day before, and I totally forgot, as usual.


I missed it Completely....then again I rarely participate on the daily tennis contest....


Unlikely, indeed! Thanks for sharing.