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fake has another fake acc. corn wallace hey sp mark lmfao your done


Hi Slim! Thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. I think it’s peachy🍑that you worry about me getting enough sleep😴but I really am fine. And a nightlight? C’mon my silly bestie, you know I gave those up in the sixth grade (silly Slim)!

The Orca comment was precious too!🐋(👈🏻no orca emojis, had to wing it).

Thank you Slim!!! Love, light and peace to you good sir!💜


No sweat, Jynxie! Let that keep marinating! smiley


track playing to the inside at pimlico today so in race 13 the preakness stakes play the 1, 5 , 7 smiley smiley


Where the heck are you Deebo? This is your thread.


DEEEBO THE CASHOUT KING ,,, great to hear from you SIR smiley


Slim — marinating to $500.....................


Really, really hate for it to come to this.

Why can't I get an answer to either my support query or e-mails.

Looking at 8-9 days with NO RESPONSE. Nothing.

This is holding me back.

Am I being "iced" as 9ball suggests above?

These are SIMPLE QUESTIONS people.

You make the rules, you change the rules.

Please clarify. Please answer. So I can get back with the program here.

Chem Out (on ice for now)


Boo hoo! Boo hoo! smiley



Yup I'm a crybaby Cornholio.

I mean, SPLATTY. Here's some TP for your piehole.

Headed toward two weeks with no response from support.

That after doing what Mark requested from me.

Getting my cards going again.

Just don't get it.

Not zactly best in class attention to detail from where I sit.

But, that's prolly how things get done in splattiesville. The SLOW ROLL.

So, you think it's "mighty fine."

(Deliverance music playing in the background)


Glad 9ball got his cash out so fast.

Some people by get ALL the breaks. Don't they Cornholio?


show em how to cash it out DEEBO yesssssss smiley


Chem, I don't blame support for not responding to you. You're probably just as rude and hateful to them as you are to me and my daddy.

BTW, please stop trying to be funny. It only makes you look foolish. Just stop. You're not funny.

Now quit your childish sniveling and act like a man. Be patient and respectful to them and you'll get paid.

Now wipe your little tears away. smiley


Seriously though, have any “real” people heard from Deebo?


smiley jynxie.. You mean, besides the slurpiemaster talking to ghosts?? Perhaps, the kid finally took my advice and went out and sought some proffesional help.


Like we know that really happened


Deebos is back in the conversations.....


Westeroos Conference Champions, the Golden State Warriors of the North!!!!!!!!!!!!


I cannot believe there hasn’t been a post in the Deebo thread for 3 days. Sigh.


There would not be one for weeks, if you did not keep bumping it.. looking for your smiley Prince, no wait.. king, no wait.. right place, right time, god almighty himself, master of the universe smiley
ICE, ICE, BABY smiley


yes SIR KING DEEBO i did get your last great sports stuff for upcoming weeks ,,, great advice on tennis ,, i should clean up ,,, smiley smiley CAT says smiley


^^^^^ Someone please call the whitecoats, this child is talking to the voices in his head again, lmao. smiley


KING CASHOUT DEEBO ,,,, the best in all the land WELCOME back SIR ... smiley


King ghost?
Where? General Visions?
Thirsty for yer SLURP?
ffs it's Summer!
Take a break,
Slurpees are on Sale @ Convenience Shops!


yes DEEBO the big CASH MONEY WINNER smiley


As always...good reading at its best.


Deebo isstill active and going strong......

Full Access Full Access

smiley I.....feel so ALIVE....for the very first time. I can't deny (can't deny) smiley What's up boyzzzzzzz! And girls. smiley I just won't go away, will I? I'm like a freakin' leech, bro. smiley Just sticking around. Nah, bruh. smiley I did take a little breakskees. I've been taking those breaks, mayne. The vids have been slow. It was getting to a point where even I was like, gosh dang. This isn't worth my time. $100 a month?? That ain't nothin'. smiley Come on now. Alright boys. Lates. See you on the flip side.


That's it, false bravado queen, hype yourself up to gather that courage to come on and flex them keyboard muscles, just like old times. You can do it, "champ". Someone has been a busy bee under the youtube hood. Look out, folks. Hide ya wives and children, the big bad smiley is about to huff and puff and blow a few houses down smiley lmfao, grab some bench ya smiley

Full Access Full Access

I'm looking forward to the NBA game tomorrow night. smiley Toronto has a tall task ahead of them.

Hey Halep, how did that report on me work out for ya last night? smiley I'm still here, "tough" guy. smiley "Teacher, teacher b-b-b-but Deebo said".... smiley smiley The canary sings again! smiley


I think HHM and Slim are totes jelly of Deebo. He is the cash out king guys. Nastiness is a second language here.

C’mon guys, can’t we all just get along without the name calling and bad mouthing of fellow bettors? I’m mean we’re all here for the same reason, right?

Ima keep marinating Slim. I’m at about $320 so I can see $500 in my near future.

Jynxie out👊🏻