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Can we get some picks for the second half you always used to have them but we haven't had them for the last week and a half.

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I think it's because they were having so many issues with not taking the plays down in time.

I noticed you would still have the ability to put down nearly half-way through the 3rd quarter on a lot of football and basketball games.

A lot can happen within those first few minutes of the second half so if they still have lines up, they are asking to get toasted.

Hopefully one day the site will have live betting available, but I'm sure that takes a lot of babysitting.


Live betting?! You kidding????! The sites betting process and offerings have steadily gotten worse over time. I only expect even worse in the future.


we all miss the second half bets....its really sad...

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the 2nd half is where i made most of my come ups........


We are going to implement 2nd half lines again once we have all the kinks worked out. Woodenspoon is correct in that there were some issues with some events, & our goal is, as always, to get it right for you guys.


And regarding tennis offerings disappearing ????????????


I know a few ITF & Challenger events slip through from time to time, but for the most part, we only do ATP & WTA events...and right now, euclid17, there are none.

Just want to say that I appreciate this site and the work your staff does allowing it to be offered for free to those of us that like to speculate on sports.

Yeah there are video glitches, and betting glitches, but I for one am glad you offer a place to bet for free and have fun. You make sports events more fun to watch when we can take a stake.

Thanks to the staff and for the free enjoyment!

(now get the 2nd half lines back up! :))