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Reid is an excellent coach for a team that has been long time losers. He can build up a pitiful team and make them consistent playoff contenders.

However, he is NOT the individual to take you to the next level and make your team Super Bowl Champs.

In Philly, Reid won the NFC East six out of the 14 years he was head coach. He made the playoffs nine times. In KC, he just won his third division title. Impressively, he missed out of the playoffs just one time. But with all that regular season success, me made the super bowl just one single time and that was a year his conference was sub-par.

He seems to be a very poised head coach but blows it every time.

Reid is 0-2 against Belichick in the playoffs and will go 0-3.

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Two words will make that all change this year: Patrick Mahomes


Jodiego, If I were a Chief fan, he would give me the most hope to win this game.


i like KC minus three this weekend


I agree but hope you are wrong.......................


its going to be very cold in kc on sunday just in case ur gonna bet da farm


your right Jodiego.................................Its the Chiefs year.......dont blow it


I feel this kid will be the difference KC to prevail. Just hope Tom is left with a modicum of dignity!


As a Chiefs fan I have lived and died with this team. I went to the last two playoff games we lost and left sooo dejected. My youngest son texted me at midnight last night and informed me Joe Cool will be at the game. If ticket prices drop, which I anticipate they will with the cold, he and I may go. This team feels different than against the Steelers and Titans. With Mahomes I'm not as nervous with a 3rd and 18. He call pull passes off that are amazing. I know the Patriots are good and Brady will get his, but I think we have a chance.


I feel like this is the type of game the defies all previous logic ... Patriots always win and cheifs never do ... well maybe this is the time Andy Reid wins a game this late in the year


Andy Reid is a joke in the playoffs.


I'm a fan of old school football and like sudden death. Kind of kicked me in the sub-cockle region this time (as did the refs). On to next season.


Andy Reid's KC regular season record: .677

Andy Reid's KC postseason record: .286

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When you've watched Reid blow the big game for 20 years (14 we had to watch in Philly), it comes as no surprise that he does it again, and again, and again.


i tihkn once brady retires and he still has mahomes you still should NOT bet on andy reid...he's proven he doesn't know how to win you a super bowl


Ok man i wil not make any bet on this man smiley