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Please note: This game has not yet been graded because it's either still in progress or has recently ended and has not yet been graded.

Grading of games usually happens within 10 minutes of the game ending, but it can sometimes take as long as 30 minutes. This is normal.

If the game has ended over 30 minutes ago, our technical team has been notified and is aware of it and will get it corrected as soon as possible. If it has been over 12 hours since a game has ended and is still not graded, please contact support.

Please help me.. After 1 day


vismitananda2, I assume you are referring to that River Plate match...? If I remember right, that one did not receive a score from our source, so we manually graded it for you. It looks like that was done a few minutes after your post yesterday.


If you are referring to the river place match than I think we should consdier a different grading sysstem for other situations in the future