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If I knew I was only going to win 15:00 dollars out of 30:00 , I would of lost some of those contest on least somebody would of got some money.the other 15:00 dollars went to the garbage.that is terrible from sportsplays,to throw the rest of the money to the garbage. I just entered a 2:00 dollars and some change per player, so if I win I only collect 15:00 the rest of the money goes to the garbage.thank you.

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It's been a long time since I had to do that. It's fun being in the driver's seat.


Thanks billc ,now understand ,full access .


this sounds unfair, i've noticed lines on ********** seem more fair to the player


There is so many rules that we don't know, until we bump into to them.i like to know how much tmac got for winning the 45:00 football contest.let me guess