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As some of you may know I have tried a lot of "systems", theories, strategies and so on (back when the message boards weren't just post after post of picks). But late last year I finally found and added in the missing piece or two to what had before been so close to working long term. Now, you can believe me or not, but I pushed .50 cents all in a few times in late November to get to 15 dollars and change, and then have since bet that up to 45 or so now. I plan to get to about 70 by the all star break, then get into the 80's or as high as 90 with baseball and soccer by the start of NHL/NBA. Then over the winter I expect to push it to 200 on NHL, NBA and especially CBB and by spring next year I'll declare myself done here. (I had hoped to go sportsbook cashout at the eighty or so mark, but since I took SP up on there get 50 for opening a real account offer and didn't get the 50--despite half a dozen contacts--I don't think I have the faith in this site to do anything else through them. Too bad for them, I would have opened as many accounts for the 50 or via cashout as they would have let me.)

Anyway, you can see a few details in this one minute youtube video here....

Spoiler, it's twenty bucks. But it does come with a money back guarantee if you don't win your first season (or any season), but once you see this concept--what I am calling the Bag of Marbles concept--you'll know you won't need a refund. It is that strong.

You can buy it here.... if you are ready to start winning right along with me this baseball season. Or you can wait until I run up my balance with legit bets, and then get in.

If you have any questions, DM me on this site (or facebook, search bag of marbles), or get my email off the ecwid page. I might come back here and post some updates, but I've really soured on the message boards, so if you want a quicker reply, Email is best, DM is second, on this thread is fifth.

(Actually I probably will bump this up a few times over the weekend, but once baseball starts, I will have better things to do.)

That's it, thanks for reading and fire away.


huh? Nothing? Message boards have devolved more than I thought.

C49e6b74e3e2c0f552d9644cfce29860 one crazy upset today. Just hope it isn't liberty.


No upsets please, I bet the money line


Looking for an easy way to win.........l


Well, you found it, just buy in.


Ok, baseball has been a little crazy this year, but the good teams are finally starting to win when they are supposed to. The balance is up over 50 now, and it looks like some really good possibilities in the coming week. Meanwhile soccer is a little slow, but steady, and should continue to be so. Might not quite hit the 70 at the all star break, but I think 65-70 is reasonable. We'll see how the rest of the month shakes out.

Youtube links at the top still good, as well as the ecwid page and my email there if you want to send me a question directly.


Wow. I totally forgot to mention this. If you don't get enough sports, this site (yeah it is in Korean, but you should be able to hit translate page) has a ton of live streams. Just sign up with an email and watch and enjoy. All EPL games about to kick off. (It even has a 4 way screen split option for watching multiple games!) So, check it out.

in case it gets x'd out bwintv
followed by a period
and then the suffix is net--not com, ok?


no popups, or screen wraps or anything, just log in and enjoy.


Hit the 55 mark today. The terrible teams are really getting it done--by losing. I think this run is going to settle soon, or even correct a little. But 60 eventually, that is for sure.


No system can work all the time,because no one would take the bets.


It is not a system, it is a concept. And trust me, there will always be plenty of non-winners to make up for the few who win.


Not always easy to win. It is unpredictable.


Some things are more predictable than others. For instance, I predict the Orioles won't win the world series. I feel pretty good about that, but I'd probably have to lay some giant minus odds. The thing is, it isn't about predicting one game, it is about predicting dozens, or hundreds of games (eventually thousands) at a rate better than the odds. And that my friend, is doable, if you have solid guidelines to keep you from going emotional over what you saw last.


Bet against the stiffs. Yea, they rear up once in awhile but long term they are well, stiffs.


Finally got over the 60 mark and didn't dip back under the very next game (like about 5 other times, including with the Red Sox tonight.

I don't think I will quite get to 70 by the all-star break, now just days away. And at the same time, baseball is getting tougher by the day. Pitchers that were -180 or -210 a few months ago are now -255 or -280 or more. Look at Sale tomorrow, -325 on the road. With that bullpen? No thanks, anymore. Sale was about -250 at home vs. Toronto in April, sure against a better pitcher, but not a dollar plus the home field value better. The bookies figure it out as the season goes on and it gets harder to find plays and win enough to make money at the higher prices.

But, THINK ABOUT THIS, even at 60 now. That's a gain of 15 bucks, with low end bets at about 25 to 30 cents, that's in the 50 unit range. if you were betting 10 bucks on the low end, you'd be up about 500 by now. Nice! (Sure, if you were to bet about 40 times what I did here, you'd need 40 times the BR too, but if you had 2000 to play with, now it is 2500. Just on baseball and some soccer. When you can punch it up to 4K after NBA, NHL and NCAA hoops, you'll realize that you can double your bets and double your money a few years in a row and BAM! you're a pro sports bettor.

It's up to you, the links are in post number one, at the top. Get in now or get in later, but the sooner you start winning the sooner you get to BAM!


65--I could still make it to 80 by the beginning of October. It depends on how much soccer they have on here. Seems to be fewer leagues this year. But at least the big ones crank up in a few weeks, so there should be plays a-plenty.

Meanwhile, the videos are still there, the links are up top, the sooner you get started the sooner you can be living the dream. (I'll tell you one thing, seeing that brass ring bouncing in the near future has made the days pass by so, so, so S-L-O-W-L-Y.) But I'll just enjoy the ride.

It's ok if you aren't convinced yet, just keep checking back and seeing the results/updates here. And if you aren't ready now, you will be soon.