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5 misgraded picks in 3 days unfin believable you have stolen 58.98 from me in
Doing so i will be reporting you to the proper connection outlets including the media i don't know what the bias against me is but i am tired of your **** you don't answer me after several attempts to talk to you all new comers beware they have tbere boys on here like rake suck up ass they will screw you and push becoming a paying member trust me dont get far away from this crack head sight several of my friends and associates have already walked away you should to


Let em know, Tadster. Let em fuggin know!!


DUDE! Could you just once explain what "stolen" money you are talking about? Absolutely no one has any clue what you mean. How did they steal your money? Just explain it and maybe you'll actually make people care.

I looked at your bets and I just don't get it. Everything looks to be graded correctly now and your balance is what it is. Unless you think they graded 5 of your losses on a 7 teamer incorrectly, I just can't see what your problem is.

PS: We are all glad you don't have Game 2 of the Bos/TB DH, still currently ungraded on my picks, but when you know what you are doing and have a decent balance, it is easier not to worry about it and bet with some of your other coins. I am sure they will grade it tomorrow, or Monday.... Tuesday at the latest.


Excellent work SP we know you doing the best you can,,,,, great site smiley


people complain about FREE stuff in life...seriously................................................


What picks are we talking about, Tad1014? Were they ever fixed for you?


leave it to rake...great American suck up.


sportsplays need to get their act together


SPMark, isn't there a more effective way to reach out to Tad? Posting here and hoping he sees it seems like a weak effort to me.


rake is a big time suck up.....................


Fake is the biggest brown noser on the face of the planet....


lol hhm.....damn tad calm down bro....and keep it free.............................