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Not to be a jerk but . . . . . .

I requested clarification of the rules regarding cards for non full access members over three weeks ago. I sent my questions both by email and through the support form on the HELP menu.

And, am still waiting on a response.

I notice that other issues are being addressed for other members.

Once Sunday hits this will be a moot point and I should be able to just move on and go over $100 in my balance.

It would have been nice to have been able to run videos for the past few days. Since there has been consistent inventory. I see Deebo is banging on all cylinders again.

But, I can't since I'm not sure of my status with the cards. So, here I sit doing nothing until Sunday.

Can you please look into this for me? I have a decent understanding of the rules but feel that they are not explicit regarding my current status.



PS. As this is my thread, I prefer not to have any comments from any of spats clones. No "corn_wallace". No "slabby" comments are appreciated here. This has nothing to do with you or your kin. Stay away.


I'll respond to that email today, ChemEBry. I apologize for the delay.


Doesn't really matter now. I did a count on my calendar and Saturday I was at 32 days under $100.

I know I have two months worth of cards active sooooooo.

I went ahead and started getting again.

Is this not the most stupid and unproductive rule yet?

Specially with the new limit on 1 to 1 cash out???

I'll see what you have for me in email.

How can it possibly make things right now?

No clue.

Chem out