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Things were going so smoothly. For tomorrow's 1st day of Wimbledon I don't see O/U,. no ATS, several missing matches. What happened here?


There are 120+ 1st round matches, resingl. I went through them all last night, maybe an hour or so after your post, & did not notice any missing matches. With that many events, though, it is possible I missed something(s). Can you help me out with which ones?
As far as missing lines, I just pulled 6 random matches from today, & 5 had all 3 pick options available. The 6th was a match with ML odds of -1500, & sometimes we simply do not get ATS & totals lines on those matches. It's possible those lines came up last night...after your post, as well.
And we're not doing anything different for this tourney than we do for any other.

Again, please let me know which matches we are/were missing. Thanks.