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We've been processing picks since 2009 and to-date we have processd over 94 million picks, if you can believe it!  smiley

That's starting to get too burdensome to track, so in an effort to speed up the site, we are going to be removing history of past picks older than one year old. You will on longer be able to look at individual picks older than 365 days (like you were anyway!).

The site will be down for a several hours Sunday night / Monday morning July 7/8 to accomplish this

If you have any questions, post 'em here!


In same breath, why don't you go to contest: 25 K Streak and go down list of names and eliminate those who haven't posted a pick longer than 3 or 4 years?

That would reduce the LONG LONG list of names.


Just hoping that this site will only be down for a few hours and not longer. So we can still make our bets. Most likely will be making bets early so I don`t miss out.


I have no issues with this. But please try to get videos going again.


Yeah, I saw this coming when the lifetime numbers disappeared from the history.

Really of all the comments I could make, I guess my most pressing one is Exactly what time will you shut it down on Sunday night? I know when it comes back is only an estimate, but hey, all star break is the best time to do it, so do everything you can that week!

Will the Best streak also disappear if it is over a year old?

Is there a way you could limit it to the last X hundred picks instead? Asking for a friend.

Wouldn't it be easier to get rid of the 350,000 or so inactive accounts?

and so on...


gentlemen.....if you read the original thread it states late sunday - early monday. That indicates general sleeping hours for most.


Tear it down, fine by me.........................


That works I could imagine it takes lots of space.


wonka delights...

So maybe those concerned aren't in the "most" group. It says Sunday night/Monday morning. Nothing there about "late Sunday". For me, there's a key difference between say, 6pm and 10 pm.

Also, we all know an estimate from SP is only an estimate...


👀 Ditto the best streak question. Did not really mind the lifetime numbers going away. But my beastly streaks numbers disappearing would be a real punch in the gut.


The years old picks are actually useful over here at the Inspector Gadget detective agency smiley


HHM, what I miss about the lifetime numbers is that you could see that the people cashing out, or having a high balance, or whatever, were in the minus overall--sometimes -999.99! That tempered their appearance of greatness.


Hahahaha, very true, Octiger. After almost eight years of trying to avoid the dreaded minus infinity club, I crossed that threshold myself. Always annoyed me they could not add another decimal. The lifetime streaks pages in picks results annals was always broken, too :( It just came up a duplicate of your lifetime numbers. Suppose, none of that matters now.


Go for it, I'm all for making the site faster.


You do as you need, this is a great site. Thank you


Yep, the minus infinity club. I was somewhere around 750-770 I would estimate before this current (and quite possibly endless) turnaround. Once you got a balance you could at least hold it steady until--eventually--you hit zero and started dropping it .50 cents at a time again.

I had been looking forward to punching into the 600's or maybe even the 500's. So disappointed when it vanished, but now I can see it was going to go eventually. I was in fact amazed by the amount of data they were holding.


Guys, we will be starting around 1:00AM - 2:00AM Monday morning which is slowest traffic time. It's impossible to know how long it will take until we get into it. Hopefully for those in US, it will be back up by the time you get up. That's our goal, but we won't be able to guarantee that. We will do our best.

Get any Monday bets in Sunday night if you can, especially early games but even late ones to be safe.

Best streaks over a year old will stay in tact.

Removing inactive accounts wouldn't really help as they aren't draining much resources. It's really abou the nearly 100 million picks.


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Hi, maybe I am naive, but is there an easy way to export my picks that older before the work is being done?


Neumie, can't think of any easy way


please get the videos to working and make it easy to make bonus money


I think Trump will add tariffs to export picks.


I can't see this being a labor or cost-saving measure. Data is cheap and easy to store and doesn't require any maintenance. I liked to be able to click back page by page to see when I cashed out. I have 190000 unread emails on a popular free platform and still lots of room. One never knows when you need to see something from the past.

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Get rid of all the inactive accounts.


YEEES! Definitely get rid of all inactive accounts.


After you free up space how about adding CFL football to your site? If C entsports can do it so can SP!


happyme3 - 94M picks does take a lot of resources to calculate streaks, etc everyday. Storage is cheap, but analyzing/processing that many picks is very resource intensive.


gonna try to download my -picks don't know why


Maybe you should just dump all the contest picks instead. That's gotta be about 2/3 of the picks or more.

And I was joking about inactive accounts. I'm sure plenty of those have less than a hundred picks, or less than ten in some cases.


los felicito excelente decisión de ordenar y así simplificar el sistema para que así pueda ser mas rápido todo, sigan asi saludos.


Because you were down over 24 hours, i could not keep my consecutive days of betting for the weekly .70 cents bonus active. It would have been nice for all the active players to have their days reset to 6 days as a thank you for playing, The inactive accounts would have still dropped off and received no benefit, but the active players would have received a tiny thank you, now back to day 1 of 7