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We will do what we have to, same as you.......


Not only are we not getting videos... But... With the site being down all day yesterday, it reset our days for bonus cash. This site is getting so cheap not sure if they are in trouble... Making it impossible to earn or get bonus....


Lost 4 days of picks, that reset this morning. Lost bonus cash on contests and boost.


I agree 100 percent of everything lilbob 11 said whats up ??????????????


Seriously, SP, how difficult would it be to give every user a little bonus money to compensate for the site being down for an entire day? Or, give everyone credit for betting, so they could continue earning their 7-day in a row bonus?


I agree with everyone that posted here. We should get credit toward the 70 cents bonus and for contests people were in and could not play on.


SportsPlays giving everyone a pass on the 7-day-in-a-row bonus seems very unlikely. Just sayin.....


Guys, sorry about the delay. Obviously it took a lot longer than we anticipated. At least it was on a day with no MLB or WNBA. I know it still sucked and sorry about that.

We will take care of you on the bonuses and streaks. Give us a little time to figure out the best way.

Thanks for your patience.


Thanks SportsPlays..........................


Hey guys!
On everyone’s streak bonus, we are going to “skip” yesterday for players who haven’t made a pick today, so it will be like the maintenance outage never happened. If/when you bet today, your streak will stay alive.
Unfortunately, for players who have already made a pick today, your streak was reset to 0.
So if you haven’t bet today, all should be good and your counter will keep going. If you did make a pick today and your streak was set to 0, please send Support a note and we will take care of you!
Thanks again and GL to all! 


Guess everybody who is unhappy with the recent down time on SP needs to take their business to one of the other free, legal, no-risk online wagering sites that are legitimate.


Good luck finding one. Thank you SP--down time and all.


Too bad we couldn't just keep career wins and losses

Just add one to whichever applies as they are graded


I just made my first pick today and got no update? So, I take it my streak is still active? But I lose a day even though I had the foresight to make a play at midnight before the shutdown. Or what?

Full Access Full Access

My first day on the new site is not going so well.....0 and 4 start and the prospects of any wins the remainder of the day are gloomy. Hope tomorrow is a better day


please sports plays add more videos and ways to make more bonus money.


HEHATEME, looks like your pick today was entered after that fix was implemented, so your streak has been continued.

lvp, with the changes to the site, those losses will no longer be with you forever. So there is a positive to the old records dropping off. You just have to wait a bit.


Okay, SP, I'll send a note. My counter reset. I lost 5 straight days.


i lost 5 days of picks in a row ....that sucks..................................................


Thanks SP for making it right. When will this happen?


Good job, this is a great site. thank you for all you do.


VTNC Sportsplays.......................


I don’t know if my streak is alive or not. It’s just one more parlay I won’t make.


Draftkings already Farmed all SP FSB Players. No incentive to Boost Players after That. Facebook was also involved With Farming SP User info through the FSB Poker. Anothe bill owed Players. Definitely a Weird Site.
PS Hope Dratkings Doesn't Block NY Players for the Nfl Betting Exchange. Complete Scum organization.


It be nice to read everyone's post but the stupid vid gets in way. REMOVE DFFOOTBALL VID. THISSUCKS!U


I agree I was disappointed not to access the site yesterday