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Please grade Wolfsburg/Caen soccer match--Wolfsburg won 2-1---thanks


SP here is the final score as posted to my picks page by your staff ,,,,

(101) Independiente del Valle 1 FINAL
(102) Independiente 2

so i had pick 102... at a +758 moneyline and ats +1,,, so this is my pick before te game played and how you misgraded with a push and loss ,, which should actually be win and win .. am i missing something here ?????

08-06-19 SOC MONEYLINE: Independiente +758 $0.20 $1.51 LOSS -$0.20

08-06-19 SOC ATS: Independiente +1 (+102) $0.20 $0.20 PUSH

why not just fix and pay the 1.91 that is due and my balance adjusted to 5.54

t y SP staff .