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MAKING IT impossible to use the site via a mobilephone Seems to clog resourcesthat makeshift just about impossible to get anything done

CAnt always use my desktop where response is what it should be on the phone having no problems with any other APP OR WEBPAGE USING Phone.

This Fantasy Preview popup ads need to go.

Ce41a74c87126da2fbba3657a0fd3062 you have an Android or iPhone?


Mark, I have an android and it's horrible that 2 ads pop up on every page. Even clicking on a new tab they pop up. Just as bad as those footer ads from the past.

I should have said something a week ago, but I didn't want my head to explode with the answer I expect......



Looking into the issue. I think it is the two video floaters right? (right hand corner of the screen)




I brought it up lastweek. Having same issues. "J" answered but nothing is done. I'm even having trouble typing this cause stupid vid keeps getting in way. This iterrible. Obviously can see the placement of wording due tovid.

It's not that I cant type.


We dont need the FF vid. I think no one watwatches this. Seehow videodisrupts the typing


Yes BigDog,

Those 2 "floaters" are what is causing the problem. I have no problem with the ad at the top, but when you scroll down it pops up. On every page and every tab click.


To play one contest, you need to delete the popup floater probably over 10 times.

Again, awful


Yeah we need to keep the sports one. I tested on my phone and no issue at all. You just need to scroll.

We did remove the other one. Let me know if you still have issues.


I beg to differ BigDog. Also, I don't see any changes. And scrolling doesn't help. The ad follows along.

The sports ad covers 70%+ of my screen (in landscape position) so it is required to delete it every time. About 4 or 5 times every minute! I call that a serious problem.

Same BS as with the footer ads that ruined the user experience before.

I was right. I should have stayed out of it, because my expectations of inadequate answers came to fruition....


euclid17 - what size phone do you have? It does follow along but goes well below the game listings which shouldn't be a issue looking at games. You should be using the site in potrait mode.


BTW - even in landscape I dont have a issue as it goes well below the games listings as you scroll. Just look above the video.




I feel no matter what size phone I say, the response will be, "Oh, that's your problem, it's too small. Regardless, I have never used portrait for this site, the text is microscopic that way. FYI, since I have an android and there is no app, I have to use the standard website.

I don't see why you can't have the ad at the top, without the floater. That should be sufficient.


Euclid17 - it is the ad provider that provides the floater not us. They do that for visability of the ad.

So as you scroll it moves to the bottom right.

Also I have tested on a android phone as well and it works the same way as my iPhone. It is it a bit of annoying ad... yes, but this is a free website and those ads pay the bills. It is getting harder to get good quality ads so we need to take what we can get. It doesnt affect the game listing and that ad inst in the bet process steps 2-4. All you need to do is scroll the ad below the game listings in step 1. Which is super easy to do.


Hope that helps







I'm happy to say that now I can close the ads and it doesn't affect my view