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Seems like these have been carried in years past, but no games this opening weekend. Any idea why?


Hey, Octiger. Yes, we should have those matches, & I thought we did, but I will double-check & get them back on if need be. Thanks.


Come on brewers we need a win really bad!!!


Hey, thanks for the reply mark.

This week I was excited seeing CSKA Moscow and Sparta Moscow yesterday, but still no Lokomotive Moscow today. Goes at about 930, so might be underway before you see this.


Yeah, sorry, Octiger. I will look into that right now for you, though, so hopefully, we will have their future matches.


Okay, so I don't think the issue was with Lokomtiv....or at least I could not find any issue with them. The team they were playing, though, FC Tambov, was an issue. I believe they are new to the Russian Premier League, & we did not have them set up in our system yet. That was just done, so we will have to wait & see about Lokomotiv's next match vs. CSKA next weekend.


great, I always wonder about those relegated elevated teams, if it is just the same handful going up or down every few years, or (much like first appearance in the NCAA tourney) if there is seemingly always one team breaking through for the first time ever.

People always think this site just runs itself, but things like that take that human touch, and when you book about 40 or 50 leagues it is just possible that things can slip by sometimes.



A great place to CHECK what is really going on with football is Soccerpunter.

It takes a while to learn how to navigate. But, there is a pantload of info there.

If you want full access there is a monthly fee tho.

Good luck

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