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This game is July 21st

7:45pm Santos Laguna -0.3 (-120) O 2 (-143) +126
Guadalajara Chivas +0.3 (-110) U 2 (+123) +233
league Draw +189

I have seen that 0.3 before, but not on a game I was thinking about betting on. Is it the same as -0.5? Why is the money so wildly different from must win outright? -120 compared to +126?



Surely, you jest?? This type of inquiry would have been gold at a certain other land, lmao. smiley smiley


So, no one has any idea, or if they have an idea, they aren't sharing. Seems like an easy enough question to me. Why -0.3?

It is still there, and the potential of a voided bet is always there, too.


I don't play -0.3 lines because they don'y look right and may be voided.


It is curious to me also,................................




anyway i donĀ“t know to bet today


finally got a google search to shed a possible little light. I found there is a thing called -0.75 and it means half of your bet is at -0.5 and half is at -1.0. Makes my head spin to think about it, but it must be something to do with winning more by betting less, because that's what everyone likes.

Maybe 0.3 is something like pick and -0.5 in the same way. Again, makes my head spin just trying to figure it out. But the swing to -120 makes sense if you might get something back if it is a draw. (I guess that is more like risk more but lose less or less often, which is more my style of thinking. I'd rather just have the 0.0 goals -pick- money line.)


Oh, and it is fixed, -0.5 now.


Double Asian handicap, mate. On here, is just an error that can be exploited, lol. smiley
My apologies about not answering before. Honestly could not tell if you were serious or not.


SP here is the final score as posted to my picks page by your staff ,,,,

(101) Independiente del Valle 1 FINAL
(102) Independiente 2

so i had pick 102... at a +758 moneyline and ats +1,,, so this is my pick before te game played and how you misgraded with a push and loss ,, which should actually be win and win .. am i missing something here ?????

08-06-19 SOC MONEYLINE: Independiente +758 $0.20 $1.51 LOSS -$0.20

08-06-19 SOC ATS: Independiente +1 (+102) $0.20 $0.20 PUSH

why not just fix and pay the 1.91 that is due and my balance adjusted to 5.54

t y SP staff

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I have seen .3 and never knew what it meant. I thought it had to do with money, but never figured it out. But, not a soccer man, so it doesn't apply to me. If someone could write an example that was easy to follow, that would be really nice. It is stupid of me to pretend that I am smart.

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HEHATEME got it right. It's an Asian handicap that is just an error on this site. As for exploiting it, please enlighten me HATE.


I did not know that...............................................