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Today between the two tabs I use the most Play and My info, I see a cash out tab. Is this new, or just moved from further to the right?

I must admit I was totally disappointed to find that it did not provide any insight into what your secret ad money to cash out figure is. Maybe it is just old, and not in anyway an upgrade addressing recent issues.


Not Much Changes At Sp. The Cashout#s are there.


Not much changes on the message boards. I don't know what you mean Haynes. What numbers are where? The amount you need to reach in order to cashout? Yes, that was not what I am asking about. There are only 5 things to click on, and a myraid of choices on each one. So, maybe more than 4 words to explain what you mean would be helpful.

(I am not even sure if "Not much changes at SP" meant, they were clueless or posters were.)

Maybe I had just forgotten that this tab was there during the months of non-betting. If so, maybe you should have said that. I feel like the play and my info tabs were one and two. I feel like I would have clicked on that cashout tab by accident or out of boredom (like now) at least once (or a hundred times) if it had always been there.

Ok, never mind, I know it is new. I just found a video on Youtube with the old seven headers. So cashout is new and number 8, but as for things never changing, it doesn't seem to offer anything new, other than a faster way to get to the incomplete information they had before.

youtube link...


It's been there for some time now, Octiger. I'm not sure when it was added exactly, but I use it frequently.


No, you're wrong Mark. As usual.

That tab is new. And it adds nothing.

When do you get back from golf?


Good lord, euclid. You are always just full of joy...aren't you? It was a misunderstanding. He said "tab" when it is actually a dropdown. The Cash-Out tab is on the Balances page, which is what I thought he was referring to, & it has been there.


Hi Mark. Hope you're having a wonderful Independence day! smiley Have a hot dog, drink a beer, and enjoy the fireworks!


Hi Mark
The Cash Out tab should be moved away from the middle of Play and My Info. It's simply an annoyance; It's in the way and makes more sense to be further right next to Tools or Get Cash.
Not between Play and My Info which is used more often than Get Cash.

Please please ask tech. They can do it. Just like they put Cash Out in the middle to begin with.



Mountainbare2002 smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley Good lord, euclid. You are always just full of joy...aren't you? smiley smiley smiley


anyone can tell me where is the new cash out tab??


Jason, the new cashout tab... no wait, it's not new, wait, ... it is. No, it's not a tab, it's a drop down, and.... wait the dropdown isn't new..... okay.... the tab/dropdown not new, but new...... thingy, was (always?) there, but was invisible forever, until recently, but the not new forever there invisible dropdown tab, not tab, was moved over a couple tabs, no wait, a couple dropdowns over, to make things easier.

Does that help?


Jason it was formerly between play and my info, but is now in the clean up spot after play, my info, and get cash.

Yeah, I guess it is a drop down menu, though when I scroll over it, it lights up in a tab shape. However the tab on the balances page isn't between anything. It is furthest to the right (make your political joke/comparison here). So a little reading comprehension could have prevented the misunderstanding. I try as hard as I can, writing, many feel, far more words than necessary, to be as clear as possible. But it is still up to the reader to read and understand.

But seriously, thanks for moving it promptly, I think I posted a thanks on some other thread, but I thought I'd add some joy to this one, too, as it is not as full of joy as it could be.