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Recently I had a Under 8 1/2 bet on a fight. There was a KO a minute into the 9th round so I thought I won. The pick was graded a loser the next day and I was confused.

Went to the house rules and saw "Totals grading is based on the round in which the fight ends, regardless of the time remaining in that round." In other words, once the 9th round started my bet lost ... for a Under 8 1/2 to cash the fight has to end in the 8th round.

So my bet was graded correctly according to the rules. I looked at four online real books (Cris, Pinnacle, Bovada, Sportsbook) and no one else does it this way - they all look at the actual time of the stoppage.

Is this something you could change? Seems like a disadvantage to Under. If I bet Over 8 1/2 I just have to get into the 9th round ... I'm getting 1:30 free.

Anyone else have this issue?


That is really bizarre... At first I thought that "regardless of time remaining" was about something like stoppages after the end of a round or something. I am surprised this has not come up in MMA fights on a regular basis.
(And at first I thought they could just make it under 8, but then the entire eighth round would be a push for both sides. Crazy.)


We have discussed changing it in the past, but decided to stick with how we've always graded fight totals.