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option 1 and 4 seem the best to me. 200 is a high threshold to reach especially starting with only 50 cents.


Option 4 is my first choice .. Option 1 would be my second !!

Option 5 .. no limit on lifetime winnings .. cash out $200 as many times as you can !!


4 and 1 ... in that order !! any way to dump the .50 / $1 ? maybe do .50 / $1 for cashing out $200 or more .. but lets say cash out $50 get $35 and $100 get $75 ? .. your suggestion is $50 get $20 ?? dont think so , but like the chance to voice my opinion about it ... THANKS !!


option 4 and option 1


Option 2--if I play alot, getting a little extra to play with would be nice.

Option 5(twice)--1st, Having No limit on the amount of bonus cash you can earn in a month. A couple months ago, I won 3 Monthly's and only received 1 1/2 of those earnings because of some strange limit rule. If you win, you win fair and square. 2nd, I wish there was an easier way to place bets. It seems like there are way too many unnecessary steps towards placing a single bet. If you play contests alot, that's alot of bets. I also play another free site and there steps are super simple. These are just my thoughts. Thanks.


getting 2nd half lines would be my first choice and top priority .. and #2 sounds good also !!


Option 2--would be my first choice
Option 1-- is a close second to the opt 2 as I would like to be able to cash out sooner, even if it is for a smaller amount.


1--cashing out sooner even if it is for less real money.


1. Option 4
2. Option 1 as hawks suggests


1. Option 4
2. Option 1


1. Option 4 - would like to see tennis and 2nd half bets.

2. Option 1 - $50 to get $30.


1. option 4- Tennis

2. option 1- $100/$50


4. More sports and maybe some props thrown in for good measure
2. Who doesn't like free dough?


Option 1 and Option 4.


1 and 4


Option 4


and 1


I think Option 4 is the best one. The more variety to bet on, the more groups of people you'll have come here to bet.

Option 5 for me, would be If you could get the games updated sooner.


Option 5 - You need to make an APP for phones!! That would be incredible!


1 and 4


1 and 2


1 and 2 for sure... an App would be awesome too!


1,2 and 5 with 5 being quicker grading would be nice.


1, 2 and 4. A graduated cash out system seems like it would be advantageous to all parties. Make me want to come back often by giving me what I like, bonus cash and a variety of betting options. Futures betting is what I would like to see.


Maybe its just me but it seems that it always takes the pages a bit longer to load than any other website. I have pretty fast internet so i am not sure why it takes longer for this site to load.


this site would be much better if u had malaysian ping pong


I second the APP for phones. Just got an iPhone and I can use it on Wi-Fi, but an APP would be super slick.


options #1 and #2 would be great


i also agree with gigantor. and you should get rid of review bet page. just have it place bet . if people mess up then its thier fault for not paying attention to what they bet

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Option 4: I'd love to be able to place prop bets, for example like over/under completions for a QB...

Option 5: I've always thought there should be a mobile site, making it easier to place bets on the go or at the bars.